10 essential applications for android mobile

The latest smartphones are a blend of immense features. Still, there is a need for third-party applications. To get the best applications, users need to dive into the marketplace of these applications. Thanks to Google Play Store, it is not complex to get the applications on mobile.

The additional applications in mobile enhance the smartphone experience of the masses. There are numerous applications to complete the daily task, including checkbook balancing, calculating bills, and many more.

Among all the three million applications, there are some essential applications that you must consider for mobile phones.

  1. Facebook

Get in touch with your kith and kin with Facebook. The most extensive social network keeps you informed of various incidents. It is not only the best platform for sharing the content but also one step ahead as compared to dating, shopping, and so on. From shopping to meeting new people, it offers a lot to the users. You can easily download Facebook from rarbg.

  1. Netflix

Make your mobile phone your PVR by downloading Netflix. It is best known for providing immense features to users among all the video streaming services. There are plenty of movies and TV shows for the subscribers. Additionally, it has produced substantial exclusive and out-of-the-box content for its users. You need to pay to get your subscription.

  1. Spotify

Spotify may be the first name that pings in your mind regarding music applications. There are various reasons to download this application. The massive selection of music, right from the latest to classics, that you can enjoy. This music platform also provides the best podcasts for the listener. Along with it, a free version of Spotify is also available that you can use. On the other hand, to enjoy the ad-free experience, a subscription is a must.

Generally, Spotify also provides a trial of three months. There are different plans for this music application that you can consider.

  1. The Wall Street Journal

Aside from the entertainment, it is essential to know what sorts of things are happening in surroundings. You will have to stay up to date on the economy, financial news, Markets, etc. The Wall Street Journal is the best place for providing complete and valuable information. You can download this application and will navigate easily.

  1. AP News

AP or associated press has an excellent reputation for being the best least-editorialized news sources and providing exclusive breaking news. If you want point-to-point news without any fluffy content, you can consider this one of the best AP news applications. It will be a perfect companion for morning coffee.

  1. Popup Widget 3

An ideal android widget is fruitful that clutters the mobile’s home screen and slows the speed of the phone. This application will work on converting all the widgets into 1×1 icons on the home screen. Tapping on one will open, and you can see what is in it.

By downloading this application, there is no need to download a separate application to explore the latest tweet, check the weather condition, and many more.

  1. IFTTT

The official IFTTT applications will let you establish applets that help create the two-internet-based services with the android phone. There are numerous benefits associated with using IFTTT that include controlling the smart devices, getting the SMS alert, notification of the sale on the products you want to buy. Undoubtedly, it is one of the prominent and beneficial applications on the play store.

  1. Full-Screen Gesture

All the new versions of Android have gesture controls, but these are limited. You cannot do anything else besides the primary navigation. However, full-screen gestures work on fixing all the issues. Using this application, you can easily assign two functions on each edge, one for the short swipe and the other for the long swipe. With the help of these extra options, you can control the volume, toggle the flashlight, and so on.

  1. Mighty Text

No doubt, you can send messages from the What’s app by using your PC. But what will you do if you need to send the SMS? To send text messages, you can prefer Mighty Text. It can be easily synced with PC, Linux, or Mac through the browser extension.

It provides full access to the SMS message on the bigger screen. What you can do is create the message, read it and give an answer to it. Along with it, you can also make calls.

Final Verdicts

So, these are practical applications that you can consider to make your mobile extraordinary. Each application has different features that you can access. Further, if they demand a subscription, you can choose any subscription plan. Each application is a must on your mobile phone, from the music to the news. Hence make a list of applications and install it on your mobile.

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