10 Writing Tools Every Writer Should Know About

A writer’s mind is always wandering and looking out for new things every day and every time. So, he should be aware of the tricks of his trade in detail if need be. Since that would help him/her in the endeavour to explore and thereby get the best for the readers. There is an old saying in a revamped way, “Explore more, learn more and reinvent yourself.”, and this is true in every sense.

We would be writing about some of the best writing tools that every writer should know about which will prove advantageous for your profession.


One of the best writing tools there and it for those who are constantly on the hunt of something new and exciting. Livescribe is a smart pen that uses Bluetooth for sending your notes into your smartphone. It also contains a smart notebook on which you can record everything with pen strokes. It also saves audio files if you want notes that are dictated instead of written ones.


As a writer and a blogger, computers are always a necessity. But using your computer every time for extended periods of time. If the reports are to be believed, usage like this can result in erratic vision, itchy eyes and other issues as well. Therefore, you should use computer glasses or lenses to prevent your eyes from harm.


Your workplace is also synonymous to the amount and the quality of work that gets carried out throughout the day. Your desktop or laptop should be kept well away from your chair at about 4-5 inches to prevent any radiations. Select a chair that feels comfortable to you so that you don’t experience strains and muscle cramps. A great workplace always lifts up your mood.


You might think about this as too old-fashioned since we are in the digital age, but even things such as field notes has its uses. You can consider as one of the best writing tools if you want to make quick notes, write some ideas or thoughts. Writing always brings out the best in you.


If you believe in writing on the go and don’t want to fuss around your bag finding your pen that could be deep inside, go for the pen loops. It helps the writer to quickly attach it to the notebook and it always comes in handy when you want to note down something nice.


Perhaps one of the best writing tools to consider is having a grammar checker beside you. This would help you in checking up your usual errors, spell-checkers, plagiarism- based errors and so on. Find a tool that is transparent and works on each and every one of your browsers as viable extensions. You can visit https://anonymous-essay.com/ for an in-detail description of every Online Grammar checker tool there is.


If you are writing on the go anywhere, anytime and you are a tech savvy person then you need to have this contraption with you at all times. Foldable keyboards are connecting via Bluetooth to your smartphone or your tablet. This can cut down your regular size keyboard to half making it so much more convenient than the normal ones.


If you have run out of sparks for writing something distinct and different for your current assignment, fear not but rejoice. Contently contains a great number of resources that will help budding writers and experienced pros to get back on track. You can even post your portfolios to send to your clients and get some work to your credit.


This is like an alarm clock for writing, in simple terms it wants you to write as per the configurations that you have set. It tracks your writing performance, where you need to improve and write-ups of famous authors for reference.


Do you have an idea, do you need to sketch it out maybe paint it? Then Ideapaint is the perfect tool for you. It is a marker pen which helps you to give an artistic touch to your thoughts and make it seem larger than life.

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