11 smart appliances that will change your Entire kitchen experience

Gone were the days when users used to dream for a kitchen where things will work by only your command. Today, smart kitchens have become even smarter with smart appliances. Ever since the introduction of voice assistant technologies namely Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, our kitchen habits have changed a lot.

There are a lot of appliances in the market which are giving an amazing experience to the users. Here, we have some cool appliances which you must need in your kitchen to enjoy this technological evolution.

There are countless benefits of having a modern kitchen packed with all the modern smart appliances like temperature controller, smart oven, Smart Rotimatic roti maker, Espresso Coffee Maker and many more, there are countless numbers.


Smart instant pot with wifi access

Everyone must have this amazing appliance in their kitchen. It is a complete package. One can do almost everything in this includes pressure cooking, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, cake maker all in one go. How can anyone not like it? Grab this amazing smart instant pot with wifi connectivity upgraded to the latest.

Smart coffee maker for 12 cups

How about getting a cup of coffee ready with just a command without even waking up from bed? Well, this dream has finally come true with this amazing smart coffee maker that fits completely for making 12 cups of coffee.

The best thing about this one is that you don’t need any specific app or software to control this, just connect it to your Alexa app or your Echo device. All you need to do is to say, Alexa brew me some coffee! And you will get it ready even without getting into the kitchen.

No more manual stirring

Now, no more standing for hours and stirring continuously. This automatic pan stirrer with a timer will do your work without getting your hands on.  All you need to do is just put this stirrer on the pan or the pot after setting the timer and let it cook. The timer will buzz once it’s done and your dish is ready. Isn’t it amazing?

Fully automatic Roti-maker

Most people hate making rotis. There were a lot of appliances that either kneaded dough or made the roti, but none of them did the full work in one place. Well, this new Rotimatic Roti maker has come to the rescue for all those who were looking for a fully automatic roti maker.

This Rotimatic roti maker is the one where you will get the rotis done just by putting all the ingredients into the machine and everything will be done automatically.

No need to dirty your hands now and then. Just put the exact amount of ingredients and you are done. The rotimatic reviews by dottedglobe are saying everything about it. Just don’t waste your time and efforts now and complete your smart kitchen with this extraordinary appliance.

Double oven electric convection

Have you ever heard that a microwave can talk too?  Well, now it can really. Now the ovens come in a range that can be easily connected to wifi and everything is now just super smart. Connect it to your google assistant or any other voice assistant software, and enjoy your smart cooking experience with this.

Get a June Oven

Getting a June oven is one other smart move that will take you closer to a smarter kitchen. This June oven is a hub for seven separate appliances. It comprises features like a convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, a warmer drawer, altogether. You can manage everything in one single appliance easily controlled with just a phone.

Get yourself a high-speed smart toaster

Who says smart toasters do not exist when you can get yourself a high-speed smart toaster that works perfectly fine in toasting bread, bagels, waffles, toaster pastries as well as English muffins. Adding to all this, it also has a reheat feature available where all you need to do is to tap on the reheat button and your toasts will get warm again within 15 seconds.

Blend with a new style

Now smart blender has made a lot of buzz in the market due to its convenient and easy handling than using a mixer grinder for every purpose. These smart blenders also come up with Bluetooth connectivity and an app from where you can search numerous recipes for making delicious smoothies and all.

Get a Samsung 4-door family refrigerator

Refrigerators are an integral part of anyone’s kitchen. Adding to Samsung’s excellent range of innovations, this one is the one that comes up with an additional family hub and Bixby, which happens to be Samsung’s own voice control assistant.

The exclusive feature about this refrigerator is the family hub it carries on the front of it. The family hub controls all the phones of the house from one place and it also serves the purpose of the memo board. Another smart feature it comprises is the camera. The camera helps in peeking inside the refrigerators that help you in knowing whether you have something in the fridge or not while buying groceries.

Smart countertop microwaves

For all those wondering whether even a microwave can speak or not? We have the perfect answer for you. In this digital era, everything is getting smarter, then why not your microwave. Now, you can completely control how you want your microwave with just using your voice.

Just like other smart appliances, you can simply connect them to the Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant and you are done. Another important feature it carries is the scan-to-cook feature it has to give you the best experience.

Make yourself a perfect drink

Making a perfect cocktail especially when you have a lot of guests to host is a difficult task. For all those who love experimenting with new drinks are gonna love this great appliance. Another great feature this appliance carries is an amazing app where you can learn a great number of new cocktails and enjoy your passion. This one is a great help for all those who have a large number of parties at their home and want to give something new every time to their guests.

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