12 Fun Ideas For A Live Stream

Traditional advertisements have been overwhelmed by digital marketing in the 21st century. Companies now produce audio/video content to engage their audience and generate more traffic to their websites. The live streaming industry alone has expanded by 99% between 2019 and 2020. Around two-thirds of people aged 18-34 regularly watch this content. Statistics also show that some 20% of Facebook videos are now live streams since such content brings an authentic and interactive experience with your viewers. Marketers find this a cost-effective method of engaging with the audience. However, your live-streaming ideas need refreshing to keep people interested. So, here’s how you can give your live streams an extreme makeover.


Making your live streams more entertaining

The concept of creating/sharing videos in real-time has become popular. Individuals and celebrities alike engage in broadcasting themselves live before their audience. You have traditional platforms such as Facebook and YouTube for live-streaming. Instagram and Periscope also enable people to engage people in real-time. With more than 9.3 billion hours watched, Twitch reigns supreme as the most popular site for online streaming. If you have a laptop/smartphone, you can join millions of content creators from around the world conversing with their viewers online. We’ll talk about some ideas that can help you potentially multiply your audience. So, Use these ideas to provide a fun live-streaming experience to people:


1. Play a game

Playing well-known games in real-time attracts your audience. PewDiePie has done it on YouTube, as have many professionals on Twitch. But you need a stream booster to expand your viewership while earning some serious bucks from video streaming. However, not every stream booster is reliable today. What you require is a dependable Twitch viewer bot that provides high-quality service. With private proxies, you can control the number of unique viewers. A trustworthy viewer bot can help you get past Twitch’s security features and expand your audience for improved results and higher earnings.


2. Your morning routine

Content creators often share their morning routine with their audience. This “get ready with me” format has become popular among YouTube’s beauty community. Viewers can watch you preparing for the day in real-time while experiencing having a realistic interaction with their favorite vlogger.


3. Take some questions

Internet celebrities conduct Q&A sessions to answer their audience’s questions about their feelings and preferences. The “ask me anything” format allows viewers to create the content. The thrill of conversing with a celebrity and their fanbase motivates them to join the session.


4. Teach them something

Tutorials are effective in attracting your audience and keeping them engaged during a live session. A “how-to” format combines information with entertainment, thereby serving as the perfect recipe for online content. Streaming real-life demos also allows the audience to participate in the experience. You can teach anything from baking cakes and constructing a patio.


5. Show your house

Many celebrities get requests for house tours from their audience who want to observe how these influential personalities live. Showing the interior of your dwelling online allows viewers to have an authentic interaction with you. Furthermore, it enables your viewers to feel more connected with you. So, do a home walk-through the next time you go live.


6. Arrange giveaways

Marketers often incentivize their live streams with giveaways. So, announce that you’re giving away products related to your audience’s interests. Reward those who loyally watch your content and are actively participating in activities you conduct. Make these giveaways genuine to maintain their loyalty.


7. Host a webinar

Webinars – a form of digitally-held seminars – have become increasingly popular in recent days. Many B2B marketers leverage webinars to sell their products online. These seminars have a 40-50 percent attendance rate that makes webinars a worthwhile marketing opportunity for vloggers. Holding these conferences in real-time allows you to get your message across the comment section to your audience. Ensure that you share valuable insights with interactive content. Also, make it relevant, meaningful, and entertaining while discussing issues your viewers are interested in.


8. Host quiz shows

Who doesn’t like quizzes? This format worked on television, and it does work for streamers. People seem to appreciate answering questions in real-time (like a radio show!). Just keep your questions humorous, relevant, and trouble-free, as difficult questions prevent most people from participating.


9. Be spontaneous

Celebrities sometimes start streaming without any previous notice. Now, scheduling streams should be your priority, but being impulsive excites your viewers and motivates them to attend the session. It’ll attract your most loyal (and marketable!) fans who are most likely to consider your suggestions.


10. Try cosplaying

How about dressing up as a well-known video game character? It’s a fantastic improvement to keep your viewers engaged since nobody really expects you to turn up as a Marvel character online! Just try to get the right costume and challenge your audience to send their pictures cosplaying their favorite characters. You can hold a competition, and your viewers can vote for the best-dressed person. An incentive will thus motivate more people to participate in your live session.


11. Work out or cook

Live streaming doesn’t mean merely sitting there and talking about current events. It also involves teaching your followers about cooking exotic cuisine or fabulous workout techniques. This content will combine entertainment with education, thereby attracting more viewers from your audience.


12. Unboxing

You’ll find many unboxing videos on YouTube and Facebook. Celebrities purchase (or receive) newly-released products and “unbox” them before their audience. You can reveal these products in real-time by leveraging the most marketable of all human instincts – curiosity. This method pairs the popularity of a famous brand with your digital reputation. So, these ideas are viable only if you have a sizeable following on social media and you have enough knowledge of those products.


Five years ago, experts predicted that the video-streaming industry would reach $71 billion by 2021. This prediction was further reinforced by the prophecy that around 80% of the world’s internet traffic would consume video more than any other form of content. Today, more people from your audience prefer watching live videos instead of reading your blog or interacting with posts on social media. But you must revamp your broadcasting strategy and present your content more entertainingly to increase your brand awareness and conversion rate. Add some variety and excitement to your live content and expand your video-streaming repertoire. The fun ideas we’ve mentioned above will ensure that your viewers stay tuned into your broadcast and you constantly keep them engaged.

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