3 Reasons a Man Should Wear a Watch

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If you’re on the fence as to whether or not you should be wearing a watch, we understand. In fact, in today’s smart-phone world, wearing a watch can seem almost arbitrary. Who uses a watch to tell the time anymore?

While the world may seem to favor a phone over a timepiece for up to the minute (literally) information, there are still many reasons why men choose to wear watches, and why you should consider wearing one as well. Here are our top three reasons a man should wear a watch.

Watches Keep You Off Your Phone

Who isn’t looking for a reason to keep off of their phone for just a few seconds more during the day? When you spend the majority of your time conducting your business and social affairs on your smart phone, you can feel enslaved to it. Using it to tell the time is just one more reason to pull it out of your pocket and put it to your face. Instead, use a watch. Keeping a wrist watch on has not only been proven to keep you more punctual, it’s also a great way to detach a little from your phone, if even for a short period of time. Each second we spend off of our phone is a second we are more connected with our present situation.

Watches Signify Style

Nothing signifies style more than an elegant, well-selected timepiece. For decades we’ve been judging style based on the type of watch one wears on their wrist. A detailed, eye-catching design, like that of a Haylard GMT, can say that you care about your appearance and prefer a pulled-together, classic and timeless look. The regatta watch features a large, round watch case with a luminous, colorful watch face. It also features a chronograph and water resistance anywhere between 100-500 meters.

A great watch can be an excellent conversation piece and is almost instantly noticeable by anyone with which you come in contact. Wearing a watch also denotes class and care taken with your personal appearance, which can mean big positive marks in the business and dating arenas.

Watches are Functional

Watches were originally developed by the military in the 19th century. As such, you can trust that any watch will be extremely functional on an easy to use. One of the biggest advantages a watch has over a phone is the operational functionality. A watch only needs to be wound or have the batteries replaced once a year (some can go longer than this), while we all know a phone battery dies fairly quickly. The lifespan of a watch is also an advantage of the watch. While you may need to replace your smart phone on a practically yearly basis because it becomes damaged or simply outdated, you can wear a watch for decades and it is simply timeless.

Watches also have great functionality outside of telling time. For instance, a chronograph watch features a stopwatch feature with a tachymeter so you can effectively measure distance over time. You can find a watch with a specific complication (additional feature) that meets your needs simply by discussing what you need with your jeweler or online retailer.

Wearing a watch is a personal decision for every man, however you shouldn’t write off your ability to wear one without understanding why they are worn. Watches can be functional and fashionable and can offer a plethora of helpful complications. Wearing a watch can keep you away from your smart phone and encourage you to engage in your present surroundings more. Wearing a watch denotes style and class and completes any wardrobe ensemble with the perfect finishing touch.

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