30th Birthday Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Bestie

Crossing the bridge to 30 should not be taken lightly. Neither should the 30th birthday party nor the 30th birthday gifts.

Joining club 30 is a blessing and a responsibility all at the same time. It means you are a grown-up now, a real grown-up with responsibilities to take care of.

You are leaving behind all the 20s craziness and don’t-care attitude to join adulthood. I’m not saying you should not party, or enjoy life once you reach 30. You sure should, but in a different, more responsible way.

Because of that, a lot of thoughts should be put into getting the best gift that would suit a 30th birthday. Here are some of the most amazing 30th birthday gift ideas to surprise your bestie.


A Travel Book

The world has a lot to offer. Encourage your bestie to travel more by getting them a travel book.

Show them that it is time to travel differently and have more fun in different places of the world.

Spark some new desire in them to experience new food and new cultures in different parts of the world, especially if they didn’t travel a lot before or what you all did was visit places just within your country.

You can also gift them a book to their favorite destinations. This will motivate and inspire even more travels in the future.

A Large Suitcase

Trust me, not a lot of people have a large suitcase required for real travel. That’s why you see people traveling with a million bags! Well, maybe not a million but seriously, 3 tiny suitcases at a go?

Alongside a travel book, get your bestie that cute large suitcase she needs for her travel. They will really appreciate it.

An Exercise Kit

Yes. Reaching 30 is no joke. They are getting older. Doesn’t mean they should not keep their nice athletic figure. And if they are not gym fans, then getting them a nice exercise kit will do the trick.

Depending on what you choose, this comes with an exercise mat, resistance bands, and whatever else you want to include there. Encourage your bestie to workout even more.

Jewelry Holder

Jewelry boxes are cute but jewelry holders are cuter. Get your best friend a cute little jewelry holder. 

They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can even customize and personalize to your liking.

Get a holder that mimics a skeleton, a bear, a tree, or their favorite pet. It could be anything, just do your research and get creative.

Designer Accessories

This is a very special day, so you want to get a very special gift, something that they don’t get every day. What better than designer accessories?

This could be a designer leather wallet/purse or a gold watch. Don’t be afraid to go all in. you want to let your favorite human being know how special they are.

Go Down the Memory Lane

Memories are the best gifts. This is your best friend so don’t be afraid to do something for your friendship. 

You can decide to take them to that special place you both love, or create a video picture of your best memories. Think of anything special that you both hold dear to your hearts.


We all know 30th birthdays are special so give the best you can. Remember we all only have one 30th birthday.


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