4 Hacks for Dry Skin

A young woman is drying her skin with a towel after washing her face. Vertical shot.

Whether it be winter or summer, when you have consistently dry skin, the weather doesn’t help. In the winter, your skin can peel and crack, and in the summer your moisturizer may prove too heavy. Ideally, you should attempt to attack dry skin at the cause. The cause of all dry skin is a moisture imbalance in the cells of the skin, and the best way to correct it is to attack it at the source. Here are our top four hacks for fixing your dry skin and keeping you comfortable no matter what the season brings.

1. Use a Quality Lotion.

Anyone suffering with dry skin can tell you that using a quality lotion is key to keeping your skin hydrated and comfortable during the day and night, but what ingredients should you look for in your lotion? One of the most effective dry skin ingredients is CBD. Using a CBD lotion on your skin can help balance out the moisture levels in your skin and keep it producing its own natural oil to keep it hydrated naturally. CBD has the ability to level out moisture production. CBD is a natural oil that works with you skin’s oil production to stimulate production where it is needed and reduce production of oil where there is too much. CBD lotion is a virtual miracle cream for anyone with dry or combination skin.

Another great ingredient to look for in your skin lotion is a probiotic. The use of probiotics internally and externally have been shown to improve the overall health of your skin by keeping it clean, free of infection and unwanted “bad” bacteria. Probiotics are also effective at keeping levels of healthy bacteria on your skin.

One of the best benefits of using a great, super-hydrating lotion is that your skin will benefit from anti-aging properties of being properly hydrated. Properly hydrated skin wrinkles less and has an overall firmer, more radiant appearance.

2. Use a Proper Night Cream

As important as it is to keep your skin hydrated during the day when you are out in the elements, is the importance of keeping your skin hydrated and nourished with reparative ingredients overnight.

Your skin does the most of its “work” at night while you sleep. By selecting a night cream with healing ingredients like CBD, you can ensure you are feeding your skin cells exactly what they need to heal and restore skin’s natural moisture balance while you sleep.

3. Don’t Skip the Serum

Sometimes it is easy to skip out on a skin serum if you have dry skin and go straight for the heavy duty moisturizer, but you’re cheating yourself (and your skin) if you do this. A great serum works to repair and lock in moisture, making it even easier for your skin to hydrate as it should. Pro tip; depending on the type of serum you select, you may need to apply it after your moisturizer, not before. This is because many serums contain ingredients that create a protective barrier on your skin, locking in everything that has been applied to your skin and keeping out anything else that touches it. If you apply it prior to your moisturizer, your moisturizer may not absorb properly.

4. Drink that Water!

It’s the most basic and effective way to combat dry skin at its cause. No matter how much water you drink, your skin receives its portion last. This means that even if you are drinking a lot of water each day, if you exercise or sweat, your skin is getting cheated. You need to make sure you are taking in enough water for your basic body functions as well as making sure your skin gets properly hydrated.

Dry skin doesn’t have to be an epidermis death sentence. With just a few simple hacks you can get properly hydrated skin that feels comfortable and looks healthy and radiant.

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