5 reasons why some other person would have more followers than you in Instagram

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in this day and age. It has the power to influence people, cultures and traditions. It has the power to create businesses. There is a lot that can be done through these channels.

Instagram is one of the social media channels that can be used for the said purposes. However, this channel is only beneficial for those who work on getting more followers. Having an increased number of followers will help you to reach out to a greater number of audience.

You will note that some profiles would have more followers than your profile. This could be because those profiles buy Instagram followers. It could also be for the following reasons:

  1. Contracting with marketing agencies

There are certain marketing agencies that are primarily focused on increasing the number of Instagram followers. It is possible that the profile with more followers have been in contract with marketing agencies that are solely focused on making the profile’s presence better. You can do this as well, however, it will require you to invest a certain sum of money.

  1. Does better engagement

Instagram is all about engagement. In fact, effective marketing is all about engagement. The reason why a certain profile might have more followers is that the profile must be engaging with the followers in a more effective manner. This helps in increasing the number of followers. On the other hand, profiles which does not engage with their followers at a massive scale tend to have lesser engagement.

  1. Posting quality content

This is the key to getting more followers. If you post quality content, you are likely to get more followers. It has been proven that profiles which are posting content of quality which provides value to the customers on a consistent basis, tend to get more follower base. Thus, if you want to be one of those profiles which enjoys large number of following, make sure that quality content is posted.

  1. Consistent posting

Users do not like to follow profiles that are inconsistent in their posting strategy. It is imperative that in order to get followers, you must post on a regular basis. Consistency matters along with quality. Thus, rather than sitting back on your table doing nothing, post quality content on a regular basis to ensure that you get the results properly.

The  bottom line

Above are some of the major reasons why some profile may have more followers than your Instagram  account. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There are many reasons why some profiles are more successful than others. Some profiles are influencers who gain more followers due to the influence they have in the society. Some profiles are simply business accounts. In any event, it is important that you create a descriptive strategy in order to get results which are of high quality, are organic and benefits you in the long run.

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