5 Tips For Protecting Your Stem Cells To Remain Biologically Younger And Healthier

The field of regenerative medicine can be riveting; however, preventative medicine is even better. If an issue could be prevented in the first place, there would be no need for seeking treatment. Of course, in many instances it’s not always possible to detect the causes for diseases, therefore it can become tricky to treat them. However, the root cause for many diseases start with stem cells. The average individual can take simple steps to protect their family’s and their own stem cells and subsequently decrease the risk of getting many diseases. So, what can you do? The best is to remain calm and get educated.

We have outlined some suggestions below. They might sound simple;however, they can have a substantial impact. The primary aim is to help individuals with making small adjustments to protect their stem cells. In turn their stem cells can take better care of them by:

  • Healing faster from injuries
  • Healing quicker from illness
  • Stay younger for longer


1. Protecting Your Stem Cells Can Help Decrease The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Familiarize yourself with the proper use of sunscreens against sun exposure since misuse of these products can end up being harmful instead of doing any good. According to a controversial paper that was published by Irv Weissman’s lab, on melanoma stem cells, it seems probable that the majority of skin cancer is resulting from UV radiation that damages skin stem cells. It has also become evident that sunscreens can pose probable issues. Their labelling is sometimes confusing and the amount of protection they offer is not always clear to users. Some sunscreens can actually enhance the risk cancer due to chemicals contained in them, for example Vitamin A derivates. Some amount of sunlight can be beneficial for producing Vitamin D in the skin; however, many people have a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is not only beneficial to health, but it can help with the prevention of cancer, and diseases. You can also support the natural release of bone marrow stem cells in your body with stemenhance ultra, stem cell nutrition supplement.

Lower Exposure To Plastics

Some chemicals, such as Bisphenol-A (BPA) can be toxic and enhance the risk of cancer and the likely target would be stem cells. Simple methods of protection yourself is by:

  • Not warming food in plastic containers in the microwave, even if it states that it is microwave safe.
  • Avoid storing food in plastic containers.
  • Don’t drink water from plastic bottles.
  • Prevent young children from playing with plastic chew toys, especially one’s with a BPA content.

Not only can you protect your stem cells, but you can also help the environment with less plastic ending up at landfills.

Eat More Healthy Foods

Avoid food-like products and stick to healthy and nutritious foods. Learn more about the packaged food you’re planning on feeding your family. Always read the food labels and check for foreign ingredients that sound like they might be artificial chemicals, because they most likely are.

Exercising Stem Cells

Regular exercise slows down the aging process and can help individuals with maintaining larger and healthier populations of stem cells, especially in the brain, and in other organs.

Limiting Exposure To Radiation

If you require medical testing or whole-body scans, first learn more about the radiation levels you’ll receive and ask about the institution’s safety protocols with regards to administering the tests.

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