5 Trending Wholesale Clothes

Fashion trends happen fast, and you need to stay on top of the latest news to not fall behind! That’s why magazines and websites always talk about what’s over the horizon, not in the rearview mirror. 

We’re here to keep you in the loop on the most trendy and forward-thinking styles available on the wholesale scene today. 

Let’s explore the 5 Trending Wholesale Clothes that will be sweeping the boutiques and streets of the world in the months to come.


Crochet Fashion


Coming from the French word for “hook”, there is a massive market for crochet fashion like we’ve never seen before. The charming loops and classic patterns make this a trend that has deep roots in the past, but with the versatility to stick around for the long term.

Just think about all the cool ways you can incorporate crochet into your style:

  • Decorative collars and shoulder straps
  • Handbags, hats and other accessories
  • Full-length patterns on dresses and pants
  • Woven detail on cardigans and sweaters


We love crochet fashion because it is super diverse and has a place in every season. It may be French in origin, but we always recommend made in USA clothing wholesale for great quality and value.


Tie-Dye + Dip Dye


The summer of love never has to end when you wear tie-dye! Embrace your inner flower-child and rock these timeless patterns that will put a smile on every face.


Whether you sport a short sleeve T-shirt or a psychedelic dress for a music festival, you can’t go wrong with tie-dye, and dip-dye styles are a great alternative with a more subtle vibe.


There is sure to be a color scheme that matches your personality and the right occasion, so keep your eyes open for the wholesale clothes that strike a chord with you.


Animal Print Tops


Our love for animals has no bounds, which is why we embrace fun leopard prints on all types of clothes. From crop tops to sweaters and even leggings, there is a style out there that will bring out your inner animal!


Remember, you don’t have to go FULL animal print when buying wholesale clothes. Look for a subtle print on the sleeves or near the cuff to get the point across without going overboard.

Everything Floral

Do floral prints ever go out of style? In the summer time, it always seems to blossom each year! Wholesale clothing creators always have the freshest flowery prints to make sure you never run out of dresses, jumpers and tops.

From formalwear to business casual and laid-back beach vibes, there’s always a new flowering fashion.

Each season comes with a different set of colors and patterns, so never fall behind! Sometimes it’s all about BIG roses and peonies, while some trends focus on micro-prints and fine detail. 

You want a wardrobe that is diversified across the colors of the rainbow and represents every type of flower in the garden!


Judging by the past few years of fashion, it looks like athleisure wear is here to stay! Just make sure you stay in the loop on the coolest styles of hoodies, joggers and athletic tops.

One minute, stripes are all the rage. The next day, it’s all about color blocking! You need to know which athletic looks are in, and which ones are OUT! Keep an eye on the wholesale scene to get an idea about where the trends are going.


Nobody has a fashion crystal ball, but we’re pretty sure we can see the future of trending wholesale clothes! So stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated on the biggest trends to come.

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