6 Lawn Mowing Tips for Beginners

Are you a beginner in lawn mowing? Understanding the art of mowing requires you to do some research on how to do it correctly. Lawn mowers are made considering the challenges of tall and short grass, mowing in hills, and how to prepare. 

The following are the tips any new mower should know.

  • Choose the Lawn Mower

There are many mowers and you need to choose the one that suits you. There are many mowers in the market but can be classified into four broad categories

  • The Environmentalist mowers

This mower is also the push mower. They are not powered but depend on the energy of the pusher. The more energetic you are, the better. These are preferred by environmentalists hence the name. They don’t pollute the environment in any way.

If you are an environment conserver, then buy the push mower. Pick your size mower according to the ability of your muscle 

  • Electric Mowers

These are electric powered mowers. They are charged before usage. It allows you the freedom of movement without a struggle.

These are most preferable for ease of use. You need to recharge them if your lawn is bigger

  • Gas-Powered Mowers

The gas-powered mowers, on the other hand, need to bother muscle and power. You can push or ride them. They are expensive.

You have to refuel your mower now and then in a big acreage lawn.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Mower

Once you have your mower, read the manual, and understand the way it works. Do a test drive to ensure you have mastered the skill. Before buying ask questions, seek clarifications. 

During the test drive ensure pets and children are away.  You don’t have to cause accidents when trying your mower.

  • Put on the Protective Gear

Always wear protective clothing. Protect the ears from the noise. Protect your legs with boots, your body should have protective heavy clothing. 

The head should be protected from any damages in case of falls. Wear gloves in your hands always. 

  • Inspect the Lawn

Before embarking on mowing, inspect your lawn. Pick the pebbles, stones, shoes, pieces of clothing, and even any canvas. 

Pick them manually for there is no other easy way. They can damage the engine of your mower.

  • Fueling and Refueling

Read the manual well to understand how to fuel your mower. However, it’s simple with practice.

Refilling your mower is the challenge. Ensure the mower cools down first before fueling. 30 minutes is enough as you take a rest too.

  • Avoid Trees and Anthills

The mower can be new but a scrape after you hit a tree. The best way to protect yourself and the mower is to avoid trees and even anthills. 

Any stump on the lawn should be known where it is in case of tall grass.

Is it Time to Mow?

Mow the lawn and make your environment conducive. When you have known how to mow, then start knowing the skills of sharpening your mower. Sharpening and cleaning your tools is necessary as a new mower.

Mowing a lawn is a skill that should be learned. You’ll avoid serious consequences of poor skills. Accidents may happen but you have a chance to prevent them now.

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