7 Useful Content Marketing Techniques to Grow your Ecommerce Business

Starting and operating an e-commerce business isn’t a simple task. This is especially true during the first few years when marketing plays an essential part in attracting more potential customers and boosting sales. While there are many strategies and techniques available, content marketing is probably one of the most cost-effective and powerful ones to reach the target audience. Here a list of 9 useful tips you should know to boost business growth and achieve your marketing goals.


1. Utilize outbound marketing

Outbound strategies like email marketing is a good way to keep current and previous customers informed about your services or products. Basically, those who have already bought or known about your online store would be highly likely to return and spend on your business again. Thus, you can use these techniques to increase the conversion rates without spending too much money on new campaigns. All you need to do is re-using video content or articles from previous marketing strategies.

2. Focus on video content

One of the most effective and simplest ways to inform your prospective customers is video content. After all, it is easier for the audience to retain the information when hearing than just reading. If you create interesting or meaningful clips, it is also likely to enhance the engagement, which eventually results in better conversion rates.
Another important reason for using videos in your marketing campaigns is that it can boost your SEO results. Basically, you would attract more visitors, shares, or likes when sharing clips on social media, thus increasing the traffic to your commerce site.

3. Analyze site’s performance

Since you are running an online store, it is important to understand how your site is working by analyzing its pros and cons. By doing this, you could create more effective campaigns to improve the weaknesses and enhance the strengths. Some essential factors you need to measure include:

  • When does your store get the most traffic?
  • How many people who visit your website and eventually purchase a product?
  • How many people leave your store after visiting?
  • What is the total number of visitors, repeat visitors, and unique visitors?
  • Where do these visitors mainly come from?
  • Which marketing techniques attract the most audience?
  • Which pages or products get the highest traffic and conversions?
    After answer these questions, we believe that your process of creating content would be much easier and more effective.

4. Sell more products in each order

An easy method to boost your sales without acquiring new customers is to encourage the current ones to purchase more products in each order. Of course, you should not appear too pushy and force them to do that. Instead, there are many other effective ways. For instance, consider making use of advanced analytics tools to find out their shopping behaviors. What do they often buy? How many products do they purchase each time? Then try to recommend related or similar goods. This will not only improve your revenue but also allow for more satisfied customers.

5. Make use of social channels

These days, social channels are increasingly becoming an essential part of people’s lives. Thus, there is no reason not to make use of these platforms to implement your campaigns. Try to use different social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or Twitter to attract more customers and traffic to your site. Consider influencer marketing because it is extremely effective in increasing your conversion rates. Also, you can run competitions or create relevant content to keep the audience engaged, thus improving brand loyalty and total sales.

6. Maximize your site speed

Many studies and surveys have shown that slow speeds or delays when loading and using a page can lead to significant reductions in the conversion rates and the number of successful deals. Ideally, your site should take less than 2 seconds to load. Thus, it is necessary to have a good team of web designers who can optimize these factors and meet higher demands when the traffic increases in the future. After all, the best content marketing campaigns could attract more visitors, but a bad site will make you lose out most of these potential customers. S

7. Re-engage previous visitors

Acquiring new customers can be extremely challenging, especially when you are a new business with a tight budget. Thus, it is a good idea to focus on those people who have already visit your online store before? Whether it is a precious customer who showed the interest in your products, someone who took a look at some products, or a person who just visited your site without purchasing, you could make use of strategic advertisements which are designed to meet their experience and needs. This will re-engage them and increase the chance of successful deals. To succeed in this strategy, it is important to have good customer service so that you can meet all of the demands, resolve complains, and answer any questions from these potential customers.

Final thought

To sum up, content marketing is undoubtedly an effective strategy to grow your e-commerce business. With high-quality and insightful information, you will attract more prospective customers and retain loyal ones. If your company is planning to apply these techniques but don’t have a good team of content writers available, then Rapid Essay might be a good solution to save money and time. With a team of highly qualified writers, we can be an integral part of your marketing campaigns to ensure high-quality and engaging content. Also, RapidEssay can academic writing such as dissertation writing help or so-called “pay for dissertation”.

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