9 Tools How to Give Yourself a First-Class Online Business Education

As most schools and universities have switched to remote learning, the value of quality education is growing. There are many online tools used to ensure the continuity of education by educators around the world. From educational programs to virtual platforms, learning management systems, “influencers in education,” and public networks for education, all of that can provide lots of invaluable knowledge relevant today.

9 Tools For The First-Class Online Business Education

Online learning has several significant benefits. It allows you to implement the two components necessary for effective learning. This is the motivation, which is achieved through various forms of involvement in the learning process, as well as feedback, the experts from Lets Grade It provide. This way, you can get closer to the effect of “live” learning.

When we talk about business education, it is important to remember that there are two types of MBA education, where students study full time (most business schools in the world work on a full-time basis) and the format of Executive MBA (business administration for experienced managers, such programs are no less common in the world).

With the advent of digital technology, everything in the modern world has begun to change very rapidly and dynamically. So now it is more important than ever to keep your finger on the pulse and constantly learn something new. Fortunately, there are many good educational resources and online platforms for online business education.

1. The largest number of courses can be found at Coursera.

This educational portal has hundreds of different courses from the world’s leading universities. Courses are built on a linear scheme: you watch videos, take tests, check the work of classmates and get a certificate. Coursera’s courses have recently deepened significantly and begun to combine into specializations. Try to immediately apply the knowledge gained in practice, and put into practice the ideas that emerge during learning. Only then will you be able to get the most out of learning.

2. For company executives and top management, there are courses from Harvard Business School – HBX Courses.

Training here, unlike Coursera, is not linear, i.e. you can not miss a single lecture and are required to go through everything step by step. This might be strict, but some of the best writers from the professional dissertation writing service became the masters of their craft because of such a system. A qualitative difference between HBX Courses and other educational resources is the presence of a large number of cases. Also, there are many group projects where you will be able to work with top managers of companies from around the world and make new useful acquaintances.

3. Also worth noting are the courses at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The vast majority of courses here are useful for startups. There are no group projects on the courses. Stanford Business School combines 8-12 courses into certification programs, as does Coursera.

4. Want to know what awaits us in the future?

Watch the TED videos of the world’s most famous innovators and extraordinary celebrities. Check out Wall Street Journal. It’s a proven source of quality financial news and insider comments. There is a lot of breaking news and behind-the-scenes information.

5. Don’t forget about LinkedIn.

Probably the best resource in the world, which for a modest subscription fee provides unlimited access to a huge base of talented employees. It is worth the time and money spent.

6. com acts as a provider of aggregate and original content intended for directors.

He tells who is on the horse, who is the loser, who took the post of leader, and who left him, gives advice. The perfect place to spend time for executives who care about events in the world of big business.

7. Chief Executive Magazine has specialized publications and is focused on directors.

The site contains news, editorial materials, and research, prepared taking into account the specifics of the activities of the first persons of the companies.

8. The Economist.

It contains materials in which the authors present their views on world events. The variety of topics is very wide: markets, politics, religion, business, education, innovation, and, of course, economics.


It’s the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) database, which contains registration documents and reporting forms (10k, 10Q, etc.). If you need the latest information about public companies, this is exactly the place you are looking for.

Gain The Desired Knowledge

If you set ambitious goals, strive for professional growth, and want to become a business leader, then you need to get all the necessary skills. Learn how to start your own business, keep proper accounting records, make a financial plan, get funding to develop your business idea, promote a product and manage a team. All this can be learned online and even for free. Some sites and platforms will help you gain the desired knowledge in a short period. Read our other ratings for the best tools for online business training and get only the greatest results.


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