9 Useful Gifts for People Always on the Go

Need to find the perfect gift for a footloose traveler or busy bee coworker? Whether they’re a friend, colleague or family member, their active lifestyles could always use a little help. So instead of getting them some trinket, present them with something practical. Here are nine useful gifts for people always on the go.


#1 An Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Help them stay fit with an armband heart rate monitor that offers precision biometrics. It can help them keep track of their heart rate as they go about their day, go for a bike ride or hit up the gym. Select a heart rate monitor that also connects seamlessly to all of the most popular health and fitness apps, allowing them to choose their favorite. Don’t forget to pick a monitor that offers convenient features like a 24-hour battery life and a long-reaching wireless range.

#2 A Car Charger and Car Phone Mount

More useful gifts for those busy people on your shopping list are car accessories. Give them the gift of a car adapter and quality charging cable that keeps their phone charged on long journeys so they don’t have to worry about getting lost. With a phone fully charged, they can display Google Maps or Waze for days. Look for a car phone mount that secures their phone into place and pivots to an ideal viewing position so they stay safe on the road. The perfect gift for those who spend lots of time in their car!

#3 A Portable Mini Steamer for Wrinkled Clothes

Even the most delicately rolled and folded garments can get wrinkled in luggage. So if you have a friend or loved one who practically lives out of their suitcase, get them a portable mini steamer. This handy little gadget will have their ensembles wrinkle-free in a jiffy, whether they’re getting dressed in a hotel room or jumping on a Zoom call at home. Plus, these little steamers can cut down on dry cleaning costs. Check out the Cirrus No. 2 Steamer which comes with a heat protection bag and tangle-free woven cord.

#4 A More Eco-Friendly Instant Coffee Maker

Coffee is often essential fuel for those on the go folks. But maybe it’s not every morning they can enjoy the ritual of making a leisurely pour-over cup of Joe. For a quick jolt, get them an instant coffee maker. We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t instant coffee makers wasteful with all those pods? Most are, yes. But Nespresso offers a recycling program that gives the plastic-free and aluminum-based pods a second life and composts the coffee grounds, too. All you have to do is hand over the pods to a Nespresso store or mail them in via UPS with a prepaid bag. This way, they don’t have to feel shame every time they pop in a pod to the Nespresso espresso or coffee maker machine. Not to mention, it skips the trip to Starbucks and allows them to use their own mug.

#5 A Smart Water Bottle That Monitors Their Drinking Habits

Most busy people simply forget to drink enough water when they’re always on the go, distracted or taking care of urgent matters. Putting out fires is enough to make one parched, yet hydrating is also very important to our health. So how can you help them stay hydrated? With a water bottle that monitors their daily water intake to remind them how far along they are. Choose a BPA-free smart water bottle that will send a reminder through an app or even by glowing to help them accomplish hydration goals.

#6 Delicious Meal Kit Subscriptions

Continuing on as we cover nourishment of all types, let’s talk about food. One of the easiest ways to ensure your on-the-go gift recipient is eating healthy (and not falling into bad fast-food habits) is to send them a meal kit subscription. And in case you’re wondering, they have meal kits for just about every type of food out there. Whether they need prepared smoothie mixes, soup mixes, vegan meals or an entire dinner that only requires heating, they can save time for more important things. Check out Daily Harvest for a good variety of harvest bowls, soups and smoothies to start their day off right and enjoy their lunch break.

#7 A Cleaning Service to Make Their Home Sparkle

Is your friend or family member so busy they barely have time to pick up around the home and could use some help? Hire a cleaning service to come in on a day they’re away for a nice surprise when they return. Can’t afford a cleaning service? No worries! Use yourself as a cleaning service or handyman. DIY a book of vouchers with various tasks like “laundry” or “clean the kitchen.” Even if you can’t afford a one-time cleaning service, there are lots of automated cleaning gadgets you could give them, from Roomba vacuums to a Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner to a self-cleaning litter box — anything that makes their life easier and their home sparkling.

#8 Reusable Toiletry Bottles

If the recipient travels for work, keeping clean with hotel shampoo bottles is not ideal. Plus, hotel amenities or no, single-use travel size bottles are simply wasteful. So get them some reusable toiletry bottles instead. They can fill them up with their favorite lotions, shampoos and conditioners — even toothpaste. These Matador FlatPak toiletry bottles are ultralight and compact and their three-ounce volume makes them TSA-approved for carry-ons. The bags are made of Ripstop nylon so they’ll never tear and the screw caps will never leak. An eco-friendly toiletry solution for travel near and far!

#9 A Dry Shampoo for When They Roll Out of Bed Late

Dry shampoo can make their hair look less greasy for those days they roll out of bed late and need to get going. It’s super convenient and comes in all kinds of brands, too. However, don’t just get them any generic dry shampoo. Choose something that is highly rated and suits their hair type. Even the best reusable toiletry bottles can’t hold certain beauty products — and dry shampoo is one of them.

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