A Concise guide to Instagram micro influencing in 2021

We live in the era of social media and Instagram is one of the social media platforms that have gained a lot of approval. Beyond it being a medium to share opinions, pictures, and connect with people, it has also evolved into a marketplace for over 800 million active users. That denotes that it serves as an ecosystem where producers and consumers connect, coexist, and thrive under an entertaining framework. This interaction and coexistence birthed the term “influencing.”


What Is Instagram Influencing?

Instagram influencing is a term used to signify the products and services marketing on Instagram by individuals with the appropriate followers’ base. This is built on the notion that such individuals have a way of influencing their follower’s perception of products and services. Since true followers have a connection with influencers in one area or the other, followers respect their opinions in such areas. Influencers used this influence to promote products and services within that area. An influencer may either be a Nano, micro, mega, and advocate, loyalist, or macro influencer.

Micro-influencing – the basics

A micro-influencer is an individual with an Instagram followers’ base ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. Such individuals are usually everyday consumers in the niche they influence, and as such, share appropriate content and thoughts to engage audiences within the niche. Micro-influencers enjoy quite a terrific engagement rate.

Instagram micro influencing started with companies sending free products to people with large and engaging followers. These people then talk about the products or market them on their page in return. As time goes on, the influencers realized how much positive impact their promotion was producing on sales, they began to charge some money for it. Today, the market has grown so wild and it has become a full-fledge stream of income for many.

Becoming a micro-influencer

If you are considering becoming an Instagram micro-influencer, you need to know that there is a path to take. It is not something you wake up one morning to become; it takes time and a lot of effort to become one. I will like to make it clear that the bulk of the work lies in building followers. But it’s not just about building followers; it’s about building engaging followers. If your followers aren’t engaging your content, no brand will identify you as an influencer.

You may be tempted to use other means to build your followers other than growing them organically; resist the temptation if you want results. Growing them organically; allows you to build a relationship with them which may connote some level of trust. This is what you need to succeed as an influencer on Instagram. Except your followers feel they know you and that you are like them in some areas, they can’t take your word for what it is. If you are struggling to build your account organically, you can try out platforms like PathSocial, where you can access services to achieve that and more.

To succeed as an Instagram micro-influencer, you need to focus on a niche. Your posts, pictures, and engagement must be intentionally structured to showcase that niche. This will help you to attract the right followers who will both follow you and engage your posts. When they follow you and engage the posts, it will attract companies and small businesses within the niche for you. Please note that this takes time to materialize based on the niche you are carving out for yourself.

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