How to Add a Location in Instagram Photos or Videos

Chances are – 9 out of 10 of you reading this article probably have an Instagram account. For those of you who still might be unaware of this app bought by the almighty Facebook – Instagram is a popular image and video sharing app that lets you share your favourite moments and tag your friends along with the option of adding the location where you took the picture.

You can see the location under every photo and video you take which lets you organise them easy. Plus you can also explore photos of people taken nearby as well with its explore option.


How to Add Location in an Instagram Photo or Video

First make sure you have the latest version of Instagram downloaded and it has the location permission enabled. When you first open up Instagram, it’ll ask for a series of permissions on Android 6.0 and above when it first opens, make sure to allow them.

Enable Location Permission

In case you’ve denied permissions initially then follow these steps. On your smartphone,

  • Open up Settings > Apps > Instagram > Permissions
  • From there choose to allow the app to access device location

Now that Instagram can access your device location, the next step would be to turn on your GPS whenever you’re uploading a new photo on Instagram so that it can get the current location or you also may choose a different location if you need to do so.

Users sometimes may miss out on the locations option while uploading a photo or may not know which option to explore while adding the location so we’ve listed all the steps in full detail explaining you everything from selecting to editing and finally adding a location to your photos on Instagram.

So here are the steps you need to follow to add a location when you’re uploading photos on Instagram.

  • Launch Instagram and tap on the “plus enclosed in a square” button located near the bottom of the screen amidst 5 other icons. This button allows you to post images and videos on Instagram

  • Now you will get the option to select pictures and videos for the post. The photos and videos in your memory will be displayed in a series of thumbnails under “Gallery”. Select the desired photo/video and click on “Next” situated on the top right corner of the screen
  • You also get the option to combine multiple images into a collage with multiple layouts to choose from. To enable it, simply click on the “frames” icon situated right before the “select multiple” option. Note that this requires an extra add on to be downloaded. Clicking on it for the first time will give you a prompt to directly download it. Once set up, you can click on it to get a selections of collage layouts to select from
  • Instagram also allows for the sharing of multiple images/videos in a single post. (Up to 10 images/videos per post). To upload multiple images/videos click on the “Select Multiple” option, and select the images or videos in the order you want them to be displayed in the post

  • Additionally you can click on “Photo” to directly take a photo using the Instagram camera and vice versa for videos under the “Videos” option. This can also be accessed by swiping left once you launch Instagram.
  • On tapping on the next button, you will get a series of editing options for your pictures including, contrast adjustments, white balance and a series of filters to apply directly on your pictures. Videos also get similar editing options in addition to the option for disabling the audio on your recordings.  Tap on next after making the desired edits. You can also skip the editing portion by simply tapping on the next button.
  • This is the final step on the uploading process and as per the motive of writing this article, the most important step of the process.  On this page, you get the options to add a suitable caption (if desired) and the option to add locations which are called Geotags. Other than that you also get the options to tag other people on your post and to share it on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr. You also have an option under the advanced setting menu to turn off commenting on your post. Please note that if enabled, it can be changed later on the menu.
  • To add Geotags, simply click on “Add Location“. This will open up a list of suggested places based on your current location and also an option to search for a desired place. Once you find your desired place, just click on it add your location. You can then directly share your post by clicking on the “Share” button located on the top right pane of the screen

Final Words

So these are the simple steps you need to follow in order to add locations to your Instagram photos and videos. Always remember to turn on your GPS on your phone and set its location to High Accuracy mode so that Instagram can automatically detect the exact location from where you took this picture to make the job easier for you.

So here’s to hoping you face no more issues while adding a location to your next Instagram posts ever again!

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