Advertisement block app: how does it work, and why is it needed in every smartphone?

For many advertisers, mobile is a convenient platform for promoting products and services. Fortune Business Insights estimated mobile ad monetization at the end of 2022 at $144 billion.

When using free digital products, you often see pop-up ads and banners that interfere with Android phones. Appodeal did a study in 2022 and found that for every 100,000 mobile apps, there are more than 250 billion ad shows. Mobile gadget users open up to 10,000 ad links every day.

Spam not only takes away traffic and slows mobile devices but also contributes to the leakage of confidential information. That’s why every fifth smartphone owner installs an advertisement block app. In this article, we will tell you why you need ad blockers and how they eliminate ads.


How blockers for smartphones work

The relevance of advertisement blocking for mobile gadgets increases every year. Proof of this is PageFair’s research, which indicates that the number of ad-blocking software users has increased by 90% over the past year. Advertisement block ensures the protection of confidential data and comfortable surfing on the Internet.

The popular blocker family includes universal platforms with tools that can completely save you from viewing ad content, malware, and trackers.

The main principle of all blockers is the use of filters. These are lists of complex algorithms and integrations with a specific sequence of characters. With their help, ad URLs are tracked and then blocked. Systematic updates to advertising platforms encourage software developers to monitor these changes and refine new algorithms for tracking marketing blocks.

To effectively remove advertising content, combinations of filters can block trackers, social networking widgets, annoying cookie notifications, and more. Several filtering rules are supported depending on the blocker type and features of the mobile gadgets’ OS.

Basic filtering method 

Ads are downloaded from a site or app when the browser sends a web request to the server. To prevent this from happening, the filter blocks it while it is still connecting to the server.

Selective filtering

The ads displayed on the page end up in the HTML document, namely in part called DOM. The blocker tracks these fragments and removes them.

HTML filtering

The ability of blockers to track unwanted HTML elements and change the code of a web page before the browser has even loaded it. Using this filtering method does not require the use of root rights.  Mobile gadget users can disable pop-up windows in default browsers, block ad banners, and disable lock screen wallpaper services. A premium subscription to the Android app advertisement block opens up additional blocker features.

DNS filtering

An alternative way to search for ad codes and remove them. The blocker handles DNS requests from browsers and apps via a local VPN. It will detect requests to advertising and tracking sites even before they are redirected to a DNS server or encrypted with DSN traffic.

How to block ads on Android apps? 

More than 66% of Ukrainians use the Google Chrome browser, so they face the problem of digital ads while surfing the Internet. There are several ways to effectively block and disable marketing blocks in the browser.

Integrated ads blocker apk in the browser

Pop-ups and ad redirects in the Chrome mobile browser are blocked automatically. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to go into the settings menu to do a few simple steps:

  • go to the Google Chrome app;
  • in the upper right corner, open the “Settings” menu;
  • go to the “Site Settings” section;
  • open the pop-up windows and redirections, turn on the button “Allowed”;
  • activate the “Block on sites” button in the “Advertising” section of the site settings.

Blocking with utilities

Changing your browser settings does not guarantee 100% removal of ad banners. The built-in assistant is not enough to stop ads while browsing the web in Chrome.

Google Chrome browser on Android does not support extensions to block website ads. In that case, it is better to use third-party web browsers where you can download Chrome-compatible utilities.

Do the following:

  • open your browser;
  • go to chrome://extensions;
  • navigate to extensions;
  • open the link “online store”;
  • select the desired utility and download it to your phone;
  • activate the extension on the Google Chrome panel.

Samsung Internet and Firefox are the most in-demand browsers that offer built-in stores of effective extensions to download ad blockers on Android. Another browser, Brave, has an integrated ad blocker. It has all the tools to block pop-ups and annoying ad banners while browsing the web.

Blocking apps

On Google Play, you can find a large number of blockers that are designed specifically for cell phones and are capable of removing up to 90% of ad content. Blocker software functions both with and without active access to root rights. However, you should be cautious when performing the rooted procedure on your phone, as it can cause the device to break down.

One of the best apps is Adblock Chrome Android. To install the ad blocker, follow these instructions:

  • download Adblock from Play Market;
  • once installed, open the app and activate the adblock feature;
  • restart Google Chrome and browse ad-free websites.

To run AdBlock on Android, do the following:

  • enter the browser settings menu;
  • select the “ad blocking” section;
  • set the parameters of allowed advertisements, and check the sites and domains you want to block.

There are other ad blockers for mobile Chrome that automatically remove ads. For example, AdGuard is a plugin that works in the background and effectively monitors traffic. To activate the blocker tools at the Android level, you need to subscribe and pay a small fee. The BlockThis app for Android blocks ads at the DNS server level, allowing you to optimize the performance and resources of your devices. The uBlock Origin blocker will help you remove banners, malicious trackers, and other types of ads. Its work does not affect the page loading speed and optimizes the phone functions.

Disabling notifications

While visiting the website, users see requests to send notifications to their phones. To disable Google Chrome site notifications, you need to:

  • hold down the Google Chrome app icon and press the “i” button;
  • open the “notifications” tab;
  • find the “site notifications” line;
  • check the lists of allowed sites, as well as the number of requests the site sends every 7 days;
  • disable the permission to send notifications from unknown resources.

Blocking on the home screen

Quite often, ads appear on the desktop on top of apps. Then you need to find an app that sends it to the home screen. As soon as you identify such an app, you need to perform the following actions:

  • hold down the app icon to open the menu and tap “app info”;
  • locate the “show on top of other apps” line;
  • disable the “Allow to display on top of other apps” button.

What is the best ad blocker for Chrome in 2023?

We have tested the best new apps which used to block the advertisement pc, the main function of which is to block harmful links and disable spyware tracking requests on your mobile. The first place among them deserves the blocker AWAX. Compared to its free counterparts, the app reliably protects your device, preserving important data and privacy online.

Ad blocker mobile AWAX stands out from the competition because of these features:

  • a local VPN server that monitors and redirects potentially dangerous traffic to its own filter;
  • regular updates of blocklists;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • quick registration and activation on your device;
  • tech support specialists to resolve setup, activation, and payment issues 24/7;
  • free trial period of 7 days to evaluate the functionality and advantages of the blocker.

Thus, the AVAX blocker is a great tool for safe mobile surfing, available for free download in the app store.

To summarize

Ad blocking is one of the most effective ways to protect your gadgets from malware. Experts recommend using ad blockers, mobile antivirus programs, two-factor authentication for Google, and other phone settings to protect your phone from threats. Use only reliable ad blockers. AWAX is what you need!


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