13 Sites Like G2A: Best Alternatives [2017]

Video games are always a favorite of many; people of all age group like to get involved in this activity as it refreshes one’s mind. It is one of the best ways to rejuvenate body and mind. With the hunger to play more and more new games, we end up buying many video games paying a fortune. G2A is one site that promises good deal on your buy. Though if you are looking for some alternatives, there are sites like g2a that can give you heavy discounts on your purchase every time.

Steam CD keys and other promotional codes are what you will get in these sites just like in G2A. Let us have a look into those useful sites that can help you save money each time you shop for video games.


13 Alternative Sites Like G2A

1. Kinguin 

If there is a site which is a replica of g2a, it is Kinguin. You will be able to find a number of inexpensive steam keys that will help you save a fortune. The collection in this site is immense and you will be excited to visit it every time you want to buy a new game. It is easy to surf and use to shop.

2. CD Keys 

For full video games shopping and get the best value for your money, CDkeys is the name you got to trust. It not only provides game lovers with heavy discounts on every video game purchase but also get membership to buy consoles for Xbox. It is definitely ruling the world of game and everyone loves it.

A member also gets the benefits of diversified digital codes, subscription at cheaper prices, payment options made easier with various options available. Moreover, fans of Nintendo game will love the catalog of 3D S digital games along with Wii U.

3. GamesDeal

With a huge collection of games including discounts on consoles too, the site is one of the best alternatives to G2A. You will be shocked to know that it also offers discounts up to 80% on your purchase. You get PC game keys, console games and much more. The site is known for its reputation of making activation process of the PSN codes, Xbos Live cards and time cards faster than any other sites. It is the consistency for which the site has been known for a while now.

4. GreenManGaming

For getting amazing deals like never before, you need to get moving with this site. It is quite like G2A and offers discounts and Steam CD keys online. The site is user-friendly and wants to offer 100% customer satisfaction. The games are offered for PCs, Mac computers and laptops as well as for Console. What more can one ask for? The highlights of this site are the following.

  • It is one of the best global e-commerce company for video games
  • Games on various platforms are possible
  • They are known to be distributors of Uplay, Steam, Rockstar Social Club Games etc. The distributorship is official
  • Awards are given to players for better action

5. SCDKey

Another site that promises you of discounts that are lucrative is SCDKey. You will be in love with the discount and the savings you can do on this site. One can easily find game cards for online games, SCD games, Xbox games, Play Station, PC, Origin, Steam and more.


6. DLGamer.US

If you are fed up of getting the same kind of video games from most of the sites, you will like this site. DLGamer.US is popular for making various games available. Be it sports games, simulation games etc. you will have it all at a discounted price. Publishers have no restrictions on the games available and the play is secure too. For excellent games as amazingly discounted price, it is a site that you can bank on.

7. GamesPlanet

For game freaks, this site can be a huge advantage as it has a huge collection of games. Huge discounts and news about the upcoming games so that you can take a fair decision make it one of the best sites similar to G2A.


8. GamersGate

We have heard of up to 80% off. You will be the happiest to know that you can get up to 90% off on this site. Although this discount is applicable to a few games only. It is a destination for all gamers who like to use variety and yet save money easily. You won’t be irritated by the intervention of the third-party.

9. GamesRocket

Have you been looking for computer games, console games, gamecards or any type of gaming software? If the answer is yes, you have the best site to look forward to. GamesRocket is the one stop destination that will give you new games, old games and news about games on the go.

You will love the interface and of course, the discounts that will tempt you to not turn your head on any other sites. You can also use this website to but accessories for gadgets like Mac as well as console games. You can purchase e-guides, Xbox Live, games for Facebook, MMO etc.

10. GK4.me

Saving is the key when you have to purchase many games every month. This site will let you enjoy your games and also save at the same time. With impeccable discounts every time you shop, you can’t stop shopping your favorite games. What can be a better way of saving while playing?

11. OnePlay

You may be a player who has a different taste than your friends. You need a site that has all genres available for all your choices. You name it and you have it on this platform. You also get games for computers as well as Xbox. It is a versatile platform that is reputed. The reputation is also for the heavy discounts one may expect every time a purchase is made. Humans love saving and saving on video games is absolutely cool.

12. GOG

This is a colorful site and gives you the feeling of being on a gaming site for sure. You get discounts on the usual discounts whenever it is a festive season. As it is Halloween time now, you have discounts to grab.

Get freebies on making certain amount of purchases and be flooded with the latest information on games that you love and follow. You can choose the game you want to buy and browse deals to pick the best one. It is a hub for every type of game and all age group to quench their thirst.

13. Direct2Drive

One of the sites that lets even a first time user surf easily is this one. You can buy your products selecting any of the tabs above eg. “On sale”, “Coming Soon”, “Flashback one” etc. The site is extremely helpful for anyone.

You get games and steam CD keys that will let you enjoy your game with the feeling of having saved on the purchase.  You can also search with the help of various filters available. Doesn’t that make it even easier to use?

Final Words

Most of the gamers had known the name G2A till the time these alternatives were out in the open. They have the best games and offers for all users. These G2A alternatives will give you more options to explore and choose only the best that suits you. With many options available, you can take your own sweet time to decide and choose your favorite game. With so many discounts, why wouldn’t anyone want to try these sites?

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