18 Sites Like Kinguin: Best Alternatives [2017]

Gaming industry thrives, in crisis or in flourish. All the game developers need to do is simulate the plot and you can embark on your journey, real(pertaining to real incidents) or imaginary. Gaming cultivates sharpening of human senses, as opposed by many who think it’s just a pastime. Then, people like you and me come into the scenario, waiting to ponder on the new horizons.

Though there are a few steps in between like accessing activation keys and inbuilt game items and also softwares, which take our overall gaming experience to the next level. But, as we all know, the price is often too high. The need and fetish for game keys, at cheap rates, hence, matters and it where sites like Kinguin come to our rescue.


Why do we need Sites Like Kinguin?

As mentioned, the technological advances in the gaming industry is in the highest degree. This being said, there are other needs (the requirements for running a game over PC) apart from games where these online platforms come to our rescue. You get heavily discounted products and in game items and goodies to enhance and enrich the overall gaming experience. I am going to list such sites for you in this post based on my research.

1. G2A

G2A is a grey marketplace comprising of  buyers and sellers for heavily discounted game activation keys. It’s a major Kinguin alternative, as it’s plethora of product range is undeniably phenomenal. Their products also include steam games and even items and in game buys at discounted price. It is fairly easy to use site and also offers key exchange or money return for non working key buys (they call it the G2A, shield). It also offers various payment modes among many other interesting features. Visit their site and slay!

2. GamesDeal

As the name speaks, it’s a site tailor made for the best deals on game key buys. Gamesdeal in it’s diversity of games, is undeniably good. It offers games from various platforms like steam, Uplay, PlayStation, Xbox, Origin, etc. Pretty easy to surf and find the hottest deals and new products up for grabs, though not as sleek as Kinguin. It also has the amazing feature of pre ordering, just like the official site (This feature is surely my personal favourite). Heard about a new game release? No need to wait, just visit Gamesdeal website.

3. CD keys

Though the name in this case, unlike its predecessor in this list, looks a bit out of date, we assure you that it surely is a satirical diversion. CD keys has a catalogue for Nintendo switch! Cool! The user interface of this site is user friendly. Along with the category for upcoming game keys, it also boosts of providing you with a category of trending games list (if you like to play and compete with the majority). This cool site also provides wallet top ups. CDkeys also boosts of selling game keys from a very large and diverse list of platforms. It does not look so outdated now, does it? Go visit the site, and grab your discounts.

4. SCD key

This is in real sense, a Kinguin alternative which Kinguin would be pretty much vary of and must be. It’s range of games include everything, it is a total beast. The reason it is a smart beast because it has got a range of other products on offer as well, ranging from softwares to the Apple iTunes gift packs. The site is user friendly as such and features best selling product category too. SCD key boosts of guaranteed service (25*7), secure payment, fast service and 100% refund. Do not wait here, just visit the site and buy your favorite game keys.

5. AllKeyShop

This site provides an amazing line of products. The reasons why it is worth visiting are many and one among them is it’s top clicks feature for every category of game. Apart from this, ‘All Key Shop’ provides you with the list of 25 best selling games, top deals of the day and the upcoming game keys. It contains games from various platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, including Nintendo switch. Apart from selling you the game keys to die for, ‘All Key Shop’ also enriches you with news of the gaming world. Go visit the site and don’t forget to ‘shop’!

6. Instant Gaming

Instant gaming is a cool platform for game key buyers, as it offers a vast range of products. The dance of the dead here is it’s games galore from a vivid range of platforms. Not only does it provide to chill your gaming desire but also makes it stylish by letting you buy in game items and goodies. ‘Instant Gaming’ is an overall package comprising of best deals, top selling games, upcoming games and games. Visit the site, for its deal of the day.

7. Online Key Store

Gaming, renting, and buying is made easy by ‘Online Key Store’. The user of this site can also download the gamepyro software, as the ultimate gamers platform, bypassing regional restrictions. ‘Online key store’ also allows you to sell your own games over its platform. Though the game key collection of this Kinguin alternative is not vast, but it surely is not weak. The site features its top selling games, games from both Xbox and PlayStation, upcoming games and even lets you pre order. It also provides reviews on a certain game (if you are still thinking about which game to buy). Go visit the site and fill your shopping cart.

online key store

8. Go CD Keys

Go CD key provides you with game keys from different nichés. The added advantage of ‘Go CD Key’ is that it also provides various kinds of hardware. So, by visiting this site you will not only find awesome games on your PC/console but also a hardware boost. This site again does not have a huge collection but it sure does have notably good ones in its pouch. So, go visit the site and buy stuff and pet your gaming mind and PC at the same time.

9. G2Play.net

G2Play is an amazing online platform for game key buyers. It strikingly catches the attention of any gamer, not by its looks but surely by its ammunition. G2Play menu category is well sorted, and might be the best, as it contains a category for game keys priced <10€. G2Play let’s you pre order incoming hot games, also it has a category where you can find the best selling games. It’s also allows you to buy prepaid game cards (that’s a big plus). It also has a category where only 18+ crowd is allowed (yes, click yourself as above 18 to move ahead). Visit the site, for its action filled, mind boggling games collection and more.

10. Gamivo

Gamivo is another fabulous digital platform, which lets you buy discounted game keys. You might buy a bulk of games and feel that it’s just a bundle that you bought (Yes, this site is so cheap!). The niché of games over this site are vivid; furthermore, each genre has a large list of games under it. Don’t you wait anymore and visit this site already! They have nice categories like Pre-orders, under $5, under $10 and more so that it’s easy for you to choose from.

11. CD Key House

CD key house, is a very user friendly site. It’s like almost everything is on the main site page. It has various bundle packs to offer, which is a major advantage. Like all other sites on this list, it too has best selling games list and provides you with best deals of the day. It’s provides games from platforms like steam and Xbox, and also provides you discounted price on useful softwares for your PC. Don’t miss out on its featured games and visit the site to fill your cart.

12. Off Gamers

Off gamers provides you game keys and goodies at discounted prices. Off Gamers also let’s you buy gift cards at discounted prices. It’s games list include some popular games over PC and mobile platforms. You have various modes of payment for this site. Though it lacks in its collection when compared to other sites on this list, it is still worth it. So, don’t let this shy you away from taking a peek at this site.

13. Gaming Dragons

Gaming Dragons is a game key selling market place. It is one of the best Kinguin alternatives for PC game keys. Along with the numerous game keys of the most sort after games, it also allows you to buy in game items. The platform is easy to use and is on par in the matters of delivering the expected products. Don’t waste your time anymore and let your taste buds taste the awesome games in its store; visit this website now.

14. Gamers Outlet

This is another buyers market, with a collection of popular games. Gamers outlet site has a minimalistic appearance. The list of games, if not as vast as Kinguin, are surely not meek. The site is in itself pretty popular on Facebook. Just visit the store of Gamers outlet and pick up your star sabres.


15. HRK Game

Gamers are one lucky lot! This is another site on this precious list, which provides games from various platforms. The games keys available for purchase are from various niches and compatible with different OS including Linux. The game keys further have bypass access for geographical restrictions. It is fairly simple to use site. The offers on HRK games are mouth watering, sometimes including free games with a buy. Do you still need to wait? Visit the site and order or pre order your favourite game!

16. Lucky Random Keys

It’s like the pound market in England, you get amazing offers on various games at just $2. Lucky Random Key, as the name suggests works on the luck principle. The games are categorised in tiers of odds. Do not let that misguide you though, as this store has games from various niches. ‘Lucky Random Key’ is one of the cheapest stores for buying game keys from various platforms including steam, Xbox and PlayStation. Visit the site and let it rip!

17. Games Rocket

Games rocket is go to store for anything related to gaming and gamers. Be it game cards, softwares or PC/console game keys or downloads, you will find everything here at this market place. ‘Games Rocket’ is a go to site for many gamers for the amazing deals and various genre of games on offer. It also has secure shopping scheme, called Rocket shield, along with numerous modes of payment. Quench the thirst of PC/console with its products and visit the site.

18. Gamers Gate

Gamers gate is your digital gateway to enter into the realm of gaming at discounted prices. It has numerous PC/Mac games over its platform, waiting to be activated by you. The amazing thing about this site is that, through this gateway you can even buy games for less than a dollar. The site is pretty cool in its appearance and easy to use. It also alerts you about the wish list items, which are coming soon. Visit the site, and rev up your PC/Mac.

Final Words

I have purchased the latest NFS payback version at a 44% discount. The amazing thing about these sites is that there are so many of them. Sites like Kinguin and Kinguin together rarely leave any game key unavailable for the buyers market. Apart from the game keys, the sites mentioned in this list (well, some of them) also provide us with softwares, game cards, gift cards and much more to make the user experience, electric.

It is all authentic and some of them even have money refund guarantee or exchange policy. Some of these sites also have games at under $1! Which is strange, but hey, no one is complaining. Visit any of the sites, and if you can’t find your game on one, then the next will have it for sure. Who knows, you might even get a free game with it, or maybe you catch it in the deal of the day.


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