Applicant Tracking System for Recruiting Agencies

Several organizations choose to outsource their recruiting duties to an external agency. The recruiting process involves creating detailed job descriptions and posting them on various job platforms.

The intention is to get many interested candidates. The recruitment processes can be tasking even for the recruiting agencies. Attracting top talents will require a well-organized application tracking system. Hence, there is a need to develop one for this purpose.

recruiting applicant tracking system is relevant for boosting an organization’s effectiveness in hiring. It achieves this by streamlining talent search, building social engagements, and completing the hiring process.

All these features are integrated into software for effortless operation. The software ensures that candidates get the best user experience. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to go through the application process, including links to internal and external web links for help. However, you need to be careful when choosing an ATS to use for your company.

There are several effects of choosing inefficient hiring software. It can be as bad as losing relevant data, frustration, unhappy management, loss of money and time. With the wrong software, you might hire unqualified candidates. But how do you choose a reliable ATS for your organization?

Below are five things you should consider before choosing an applicant tracking system. It requires some effort to find one. However, it is a necessary step to avoid greater damage in the future.


Five Steps for Choosing a Reliable Recruiting Software

Understand Your Firm’s Requirements

The first crucial step towards choosing a reliable ATS for your firm is – to define what your needs are as an organization. These needs are unique for different firms depending on their size. What works for another firm might not work for yours. Hence, there is a need to state your goals.

Several developers of these systems will try to provide solutions for every business scenario. However, these systems lack the proper detailing to create an effective hiring practice. A general hiring approach may not be desirable for your firm. Ensure that the developer or provider provides a software solution designed to meet your needs.

Ease and Quality of Communication

An advantage of utilizing a modern hiring system is the ease of team collaboration. The platform makes it easy for your internal recruiting team to work together.

For effective recruitment, there is a need for easy access to information. A reliable ATS ensures that every member of the recruitment team gets the relevant information – and at the proper time. A prompt piece of information is necessary for better preparation. You can click on to read more about the effects of poor communication on a hiring process.

A reliable ATS should have features that can provide candidates with relevant background information about the firm. The information delivery system should be automated and embedded into the events calendar of your staff. It can be such that every recruiting staff can easily access it and communicate effectively.

A User-Friendly Interface for Better Candidate Experience

We cannot overemphasize the importance of a user-friendly interface. You are likely to lose several qualified candidates with a frustrating user experience. Applicants have tendencies to leave their applications incomplete when they face slow responses or poor site experience.

In addition, if the system has several irrelevant processes and forms sections, it might be hard to complete the application. Applicants prefer an application process that is easy and fast because they have to send several applications to different firms. Hence, a slow application process will result in several incomplete applications.

Accurate and Quick Candidate Search

The goals of a recruiting process are to reach as many candidates as possible, gather applications, and employ the most qualified. You may not achieve these goals unless the system allows an accurate and quick candidate search.

You should note that as you hunt for the best candidate for your firm, other companies are also on the lookout. Hence, it is the fastest company that gets the best. Companies are likely to lose qualified candidates using a slow system that restricts candidate search.

Before choosing an ATS for your firm, ensure that it contains search functionalities that are simple to use. The search results should be displayed in a way that is understandable by your internal team. Ensure that the search functions can assist you to dig deep into candidate repositories to find people through keywords or other criteria.

Easily Integrated with Other Systems

Several companies that understand the importance of a reliable hiring system go as far as integrating several systems. They might link a search funnel with an email service. It is to improve the efficiency of the process.

When choosing an ATS, ensure you confirm the ease of integration. The last thing you want is a software solution with limited abilities. Integration is necessary for faster operation – one of the goals of using recruiting software. You can read this article to see seven ways data integration can improve your HR department.


A staffing solution is necessary for easy recruitment of staff. The system should comprise a quick candidate sourcing method, fast response, candidate tracker, and support communication. You should ensure that you are careful when choosing an ATS for your firm. An inefficient system might cause your firm some damages.

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