Best Gifts to Get Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Excited young woman opening gift box receiving good unexpected present from husband at home, loving generous boyfriend making romantic surprise to attractive girlfriend on Valentines day occasion

What could be a more special occasion than your special gal’s special day? 

Birthdays are a big deal, especially in a relationship, and it is so important to show your girlfriend that you are thinking especially of her on her big day. A gift is the traditional way of showing appreciation for someone’s birthday, but presents vary so greatly in type and price range that your head may start to spin before you even begin to shop.

But fear not. A great birthday gift does not have to break the bank to be a breakthrough hit. Your girlfriend will be thrilled to receive any gift from you that is truly from the heart—especially one that reflects your attention to her interests and the moments you have shared together.

If you are still unsure of what to get your girlfriend to show her how happy you are that she was born, here are a variety of possibilities for your celebration consideration.


Two tickets to a play, show, or concert

Treat your lady to a night on the town with a trip to see her favorite band or theatrical performance. Dinner and drinks beforehand are always fun, but a real birthday hero figures out how to sneak backstage after the show for autographs.

Score two tickets to the big game, instead

Your gal would rather hit home runs than hit high notes? No problem! Instead of the opera box seating, opt for the nosebleed bleachers instead. No fancy dinner is required (though a hot dog or two is always appreciated).

Sign up for a couples’ dance class

You do not have to have the skills of Kevin Bacon or Patrick Swayze to wow your woman on the dance floor. Taking a dance class with your lady shows that you are willing to be silly, take risks, be vulnerable and sweet, and – most importantly – spend time up close and personal with her.

Table for two

A night out at a fancy, upscale restaurant can be a real treat. Think about your girlfriend’s favorite foods and find a local favorite spot for you to try together. Or try a tour de food restaurant medley: make several reservations at a variety of restaurants in one evening and hop from place to place, having a small appetizer or splitting a dish at each.

Turn up the heat

Prefer to do it yourself? Cook a fancy dinner for your special someone in the comfort of your own home. If your girlfriend also likes to cook, consider getting her a fun cooking class (and joining in on the fun with her).

Memorialize her name

An elegant, classy gift with an extra thoughtful touch is custom, personalized jewelry, like name necklaces. Design a specially crafted necklace from a variety of styles and colors and add initials, names, dates, or nicknames. A little bling goes a long way, especially whence it is one of a kind!

Sign up for a wine tasting class

Who says that getting an education can’t be fun? Sign yourself and your girl up for a sommelier led wine tasting course and get the low down on the different between a merlot and a sauvignon blanc (hint: there is more to it than just “red” and “white”).

Take a field trip

Take a day trip with your lady to a local sight-seeing destination and play tourists for the day. Get a guided tour of a museum or visit local historical landmarks. As you hit the hot spots, be sure to grab treasure or two from the gift shop to give to your girlfriend as a memento of the day.

Vacation destination

A day trip just isn’t enough? Take your girlfriend on a destination vacation! If she is an outdoorsy type, find a cabin by a lake in the woods (or rough it with tents and sleeping bags). She’s more the Hollywood stars than the sleep under the stars type? Hit the road for the big city and spend a few days in a place that is new to both of you to create some fantastic shared memories.

A never-ending bouquet

Flowers are always a popular gift, and many florists can arrange a specialty bouquet that includes all of your lady’s favorite plants and colors. Or as an alternative to a cut-flower bouquet that will only last a week or two, why not get your girlfriend a live potted plant that will stay beautiful for years to come? Just make sure that you offer to water it for her when she goes out of town.


Any gift for your girlfriend will be appreciated, especially if you take the extra time to give it a personal touch that shows you pay attention to her interests and hobbies. It may be her special day, but your girlfriend’s birthday is also an opportunity to create memories for the two of you that will last for a lifetime.

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