Best Hoverboard Brands of 2021

Fortunately, not every manufacturer of hoverboards is allowed to produce their products without meeting the minimum safety standards in the United States. However; every country has different safety standards and regulations that every hoverboard brand should pass before selling their products in that specific origin.

But nowadays, there are many low-quality brands available on the market and most of them belong to the unknown Chinese market. In this article about the best hoverboard brands, we will focus on some of the top-notch brands of hoverboards available on the market; all these brands have a history of making high-quality products.

If you are looking for the best hoverboard in 2021, we will highly recommend you to consider these specific brands to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


Top 4 Best Hoverboard Brands 2021

1. Razor Hovertrax

Razor is one of the most popular hoverboard-making brands available on the market. It was founded in early 2000, in the beginning, razor was only manufacturing electric scooters but later on, due to increasing brand popularity, they also entered the marketplace of hoverboards. There are several popular models of hoverboard that are manufacturer by Razor such as Hovertrax 1.0 and 2.0, all these high-quality models include several excellent features at a very affordable price range.


SWAGTRON is a pioneer in making electric scooters and hoverboards. It was the first brand that introduced highly advanced functions and technologies to their products. The SWAGTRON T1 offers an excellent riding experience with tons of incredible features such as durable aluminum wheels, speakers, rubber guards, and many others. Moreover; there is also a very unique safety feature used in SWAGTRON T1 called Safe Stop Technology that will ensure the maximum safety of the rider. The overall weight of this remarkable hoverboard is only 22lbs which also ensures portability and long-range.


EPIKIGO is a very famous hoverboard manufacturer brand that produces high quality and reliable hoverboards without compromising on safety. The EPIKGO all-terrain hoverboard is one of the safest hoverboards that has successfully passed more than 150+ safety tests. It offers remarkable stability, efficiency, and comfort to the riders to ensure a wonderful riding experience. When it comes durability of EPIKGO manufactured hoverboards, there are plenty of unique features such as solid rubber tires, water-resistant construction, and a high-quality frame that provides an extended lifespan.


If you are specifically looking for cheap and best hoverboards for beginners with a longer lifespan, then VEEKO will be the most suitable brand for you to try. The VEEKO manufactured hoverboards have some remarkable safety features such as overheat protection, low weight protection, over speeding protection, and many others. Remember, VEEKO is one of the few hoverboard producing brands that provides several outstanding extra features and functions at a very reasonable price tag. The average charging time of VEEKO hoverboards is almost 2-3 hours and it can easily travel up to 12 miles with a single charge.

Wrap Up:

Finding the most reliable and best hoverboard brands in a crowded marketplace is a daunting task that requires in-depth research and experience. However; on, we have tried our utmost to review the top-notch brands available in the marketplace so that can you avoid purchasing a hoverboard from a low-quality brand.

Remember, all these brands may seem to be little more expensive to you but they are surely worthy to buy because buying a reliable hoverboard is some kind of a one-time investment. Considering a new manufacturer can make you lose hundreds of bucks. You should also check the Amazon customer reviews section of any hoverboard brand before making any decision. If you like to share your feedback, don’t hesitate to drop your comment.

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