Best Sustainable Gift Ideas

As the cost of utilities rises during the colder and warmer months, consumers look for ways to cut costs and remain comfortable. Not to mention, reduce one’s impact on the environment. Fortunately, there are great ways to do both and save sufficient money to get a gift for someone else.


Wonderful Winter Ideas

Those howling winds outside generally cause to go running to the thermostat and increase the heat. Consequently, leading to a fearful rise on your Pepco bill. The cost of utilities can be kept under control with a few good gift ideas.


1. Get It Fleeced

Anyone who works in inclement weather can boast about the practicality of wearing thermals under their clothing, especially if they are made thicker with a fleece lining. What is usually overlooked is the benefit of using them as lounging clothes at home. Fleeced lined thermal sets and leggings can be both fashion-forward and warm.


2. Throw a Blanket Party

The cozy looking blanket on the back of the couch is not only decorative but helpful in keeping you warm while binge-watching your favorite shows. It is probably a good idea to get everyone their blanket, so they stay away from yours.


3. Drink It up

Coffee and tea make a grand entrance on those cold winter evenings even more so when sipped from your favorite reusable cup.


4. Slip it On

Anyone without carpet can attest to the jarring sensation of freezing floors in the winter. While those with carpet can get away with a pair of trendy slippers, those without will relish a comfy pair of slippers. These can also be found lined for extra warmth.


Getting through the winter does not have to lead to skyrocketing utility costs or contribute to local landfills. Bringing the gift of warmth is all about finding options that are not only reusable but durable.



Keeping Your Summer Cool

Trying to beat the summer heat is sufficient to turn quite a few people into a puddle at the thought. However, it is possible to keep your cool and reduce your carbon footprint.


1. Make It yourself

Instead of wasting money on store-bought popsicles, home popsicle kits provide a much healthier option at a reduced cost. The kits are typically BPA free plastics and stainless steel; ranging from small(4)to large (+200). Consequently, the same thing can hold for those tasty frozen beverages.


2. Feel the Breeze

Every day is not sweltering; in fact, quite a few have a pleasant breeze. Opening a window will allow for the flow of fresh air into the rooms. Additionally, fans are no longer the drab black and white we knew some years ago. They can now be found in an array of bright colors and designs. If you favor smaller breezes, desktop fans only need the use of a USB port.


3. Wick-it Away

Fabrics made with moisture-wicking technology will help you stay cooler in hotter temperatures by keeping sweat away from the body. Be sure that the garment is made with a blend of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers. The leggings can also be found with pockets.

What’s more

Giving a great gift does not mean adding to the landfills or increasing your utility bills. There are even a few fantastic gift ideas that would be wonderful all year round:


1. Smart plugs are a wonderful gift and do not require the use of accessory voice controls to use. Connected to an app lamp, coffee makers, etc. can be turned off from anywhere.


2. Reusable straws are not a new idea and have been novelty items for years. With the rise in restaurants getting rid of plastic straws or straws altogether, it might best to have your own.


Being eco-friendly and comfortable has come a long way and now walks hand in hand with even our most basic efforts. From clothing to straws, many items can be found in recycled or free trade options. You can save the world and lower your utility cost at the same time.


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