Best TV Providers in America

There are different parameters to determine the best TV providers in America including the type of technology used, packages, offers, pricing and customer services. Varied cable companies might stand out when it comes to high-quality services in different areas. For instance, Cox, Spectrum, Frontier, Xfinity and Mediacom internet service providers areconsidered one of the best cable companies in the US while other states might have other companies in the top rank. Here is a review of the best TV providers in America highlighting their striking features.


Verizon FiOS

If you want to reduce your channel list or include certain preferred channels Verizon FiOS might be the right choice for you. The service is popular for its outstanding channel customization features. They offer many custom plans that enable you more flexibility in choosing your preferred channels.

Verizon also offers some sports packages for game lovers. Another salient feature of Verizon FiOS service is that they offer 2 types of DVR options. You can choose the type of DVR service you want by considering the amount of TV content you would like to record. You can also benefit from their bundle services that allow you to pair up TV with internet or phone if you want.

Verizon enjoys a high customer rating because of the reliable services they offer. Their customized channel selection and quality communication services have enabled them to rank among the top providers in the market.


DIRECTV is indeed one of the largest satellite TV providers with impressive channel packages, outstanding customer services and some of the finest sports packages to offer.

If you are a sports fan, DIRECTV is all you need to be fully entertained as it contains more than 50 channels and access to NFL Sunday Ticket.

All DIRECTV plans usually include the equipment and the Genie HD DVR. The Genie HD DVR allows you to restart or record your favorite shows. You can also split your screen to enjoy two shows at the same time.

DIRECTV is well reputed for its effective customer services and a wide range of extraordinary packages depending on your budget and requirement. Therefore, if you want to enjoy access to popular entertainment and sports channels all the time, DIRECTV is the right choice for you.

Charter Spectrum

Spectrum in yet another strong competitor as it offers the best cable television, fast speed internet and phone services. Its local channels provide the latest news, events, sports, etc. Largely speaking, Spectrum gives access to the most reliable cable TV, internet and phone services. Spectrum bundles include all three services at the most convenient rates. Data cap is a big issue for internet users since that takes away the sense of freedom you otherwise feel while surfing, streaming or gaming. Spectrum gives you complete freedom; their bundle offers do not impose a data cap.  Also, regardless of any offer, you do not have to worry about a binding contract either.

The above are considered the most popular and renowned cable companies in America. So, what would you prefer?The most responsive customer service, reasonable pricing, access to premium channels or no contract policy? Once you determine your preferences, it would become easier for you to choose the right service provider.

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