Best Vape Apps

In the modern world, there is an app for that. This is even true in the fastest growing niche to take on smoking in decades. Vaping offers a great solution to kicking the smoking habit, hosts a great variety of flavours, and can be completely customizable. To this end, programmers have taken the forefront to design apps to help the vaping community. If you are interested, here are a few apps you should check out.

Apps come in all shapes and forms. One of the best in the industry is E-Cig Diary. This app is a simple time tracking app that helps realize your goals of quitting smoking. It offers some helpful statistics like how much money you have saved through quitting, health benefit reminders and some basic tools to get you started on your way to vape. For its category, this app offers a powerful punch for that tech savvy and want to kick the habit.

If you are hoping for something a little more technical, several apps exist to help build coils for your mod vapes. Vape Toolbox is a classic one that offers resistance calculators, Ohm’s Law calculators and a host of other features. This app is different from the others as it will show you how to wire the coils as well, including what type of wire you need to produce specific results. The best part is this app is completely free to use.

Wanting to go a little further with experimentation? Custom flavor apps help calculate how much and what type of juice to use to create your custom creation. If you love Vapetasia E Juice, you can start by trying to reverse engineer the flavoring. In fact, you may be able to build enough of a recipe to make it your own and start marketing your own flavors. E-Juice Lab lets you play with many different flavour types, percentages, and strengths to demonstrate exactly how the flavor will turn out. If using this, check out E-Liquid recipes online for inspiration.

The last major app type to consider is the all-in-ones. Sweet Spot is a fun app that is beautifully functional and contains everything from above and then some. This particular app comes with a vape shop locator for easy access to your vape needs and you may also look for dab pens for sale which this app may offer. It also provides a nice sweet spot calculator for your vape mods to give you the best combination of voltage, resistance and wattage to produce the best results.

Vape mods exist to help people in all manners of vaping to improve the experience. Whether you are just starting out and wanting to find out how much you have saved or if you are an expert trying to get your own liquids off the ground. These are only a small selection of the vast amount of apps out there to try. Since most of them are free, give them a try and see if they match with what you are looking for in an app. Check out your options and experiment.

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