How to Skip or Block Hulu Ads [Easy Guide]

If you are a movie buff, then you probably are must be using Hulu online streaming service which allows you to watch full seasons of exclusive series, Hulu Originals, hit movies, kids shows, and tons more with minimal or no commercial/ad interruptions. Everything you watch on Hulu is in full HD quality and you can get all of this for an affordable monthly fee. I have heard a lot of people asking about how to skip Hulu ads while streaming the content, so I decided to share what I know to help you all.

In this guide, I will share some insights on how to get rid of Hulu ads by following some steps. As we all know, it’s never all black or all white, so there will be some problems which you will have to face if you choose to block or skip Hulu commercials. Before you try the methods given below ask yourselves, how far are you willing to go to block Hulu Ads?


5 Ways to Skip Hulu Ads

Now before I share any of the tricks to bypass the Hulu commercials, you have to face the fact that you cannot completely (i.e 100%) get rid of these Ads since they are a part of Hulu’s revenue stream. Whatever I will be sharing will be totally legal and safe to try out so don’t worry about any problems. These sneaky ways will help you to come around with a better experience though, for sure.

1. Hulu 2-Instance Trick (credits)

  • Open Hulu and select your program (TV show ormovie)
  • Open another tab and open Hulu again to the same program you opened in the first step
  • Mute the volume on the second one and fast forward to just before the first Ad
  • Go back to the first Hulu instance you opened and watch your program
  • When it gets to the first commercial, mute it, open the second Hulu instance and unmute it, and rewind to the first commercial
  • Since it has already played that commercial, the show will start instantly from that point, thus “skipping” the commercial.
  • You just go back and forth between the two instances of Hulu you opened and can effectively watch a whole show without having to sit through any of those painful 30 second commercials

Got the point? This is probably the only way to skip Ads on Hulu that will last, however I agree that this process is too tedious for just a small task.

2. Reload Hulu Program Page

I hope that we all know that Hulu’s income stream is through Advertisements & the user subscriptions. But we can also agree to the fact that watching Ads as long as 4 minutes long is just so annoying and it completely deteriorates the experience of watching and enjoying the program. Try the below trick and I am sure you won’t regret it!

Hulu serves the Advertisements based on time spent and page views. So when you start watching a program, they will start off with a short commercial and then provide longer Ad breaks gradually.

Trick to Skip Long Ads: Whenever you come across one of these long ads, just reload the program page. After the page loads, you’ll see the show’s ID (the two second promo for the show you’re watching), then a 30 second ad, then your show will resume right where you left off before reloading the page.

This simple trick can help you to skip those LONG Ads and instead replace them with the shorter 30 second Ads. I think the quote, “something is better than nothing” is totally apt here.

3. Upgrade to Hulu Plus No Commercial Plan

An excellent and a reliable way to almost nullify the Hulu Ads in whatever you watch on Hulu is to upgrade to the Hulu Plus plan for $11.99 ($4 more than the normal plan). This can help you remove MOST of the Ads, since Hulu claims that the shows which are exclusive to Hulu Plus will still show Ads (to keep the subscription fee low).

Though there will be some Ads, but this is one of the best bets for eradicating the Ads from all the programs you used to watch in the normal plan.

4. Fast Forward Hulu Ads using Enounce MySpeed

An alternative to not watch the commercials is to fast-forward them so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to watch your programs. All you need to do is download Enounce MySpeed software (Try FREE for 7 days) and watch this video on YouTube and learn to use it to skip Hulu commercials right away.

5. Block Hulu Ads Using Ad Block Plus

If you give a good thought to it, it’s practically impossible to block Hulu Ads. Why? Because you didn’t create it and do not have access to the backend to alter the Ad settings, right? Though what you can do is alter the front end by using some tools.

Jacob, an Apple certified technical co-ordinator tried to block Hulu Ads using a Raspberry Pi and was even successful at once, but he says Hulu might have figured it so it didn’t work later on. Okay, I got a little technical, so let’s get down to it.

  • There is a Google Chrome extension called Ad Block Plus (link), which you can use to not exactly block the Ads but it will show a blank screen instead. You will have to sit through that but at least will not have to watch the stupid Ad.

Caution: It might occur that some videos might not be played if you are using this extension so make sure you disable this if this happens. If the video doesn’t play even if you disable Ad Block Plus, try updating your Adobe Flash player to the latest version.

My Recommendation – Wrapping Up!

Here we come to an end of this useful guide on how to skip or block Hulu Ads. I tried to cover each and every method you guys can follow in order to deal with these commercials.

Now if you ask me, my recommendation would be to either upgrade to Hulu Plus plan or use Netflix to stream content online. Yes, I am a proud Netflix user since a very long time and I have ZERO complaints and 100% satisfaction with the quality and the variety of video content it provides.

Drop in your questions or comments below. If you liked this guide, do share it as much as possible so that other people benefit from this as well. Have a wonderful day!

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