Bong Parts, Pieces, and Tips You Want to Know – Beyond the Ash Catcher

Whether you have a bong that is new or an older one that needs to be replaced, it’s important that you know what the different parts are and how to care for them. With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to find what you need, make it work, and enjoy it for years to come.



Unlike regular bongs, percolator bongs are specially designed to maximize the surface area of the smoke. This means that you will have a smoother smoke with fewer coughing fits. Percolator bongs are also more affordable. You can pick up one at your local store or you can shop now online. With free shipping, you can also find a huge variety.

The bubbles produced by percolators filter out impurities and cool the smoke. These bubbles increase the surface area of the smoke. The bigger the surface area, the better the cooling and filtering.

Percolators also make bongs look more sophisticated. They come in a variety of different designs. The main purpose of percolators is to provide secondary filtration. Besides enhancing cooling and filtering, they also help preserve flavor.

Percolators are usually made of glass, but can also be made of silicone. The best way to clean a percolator is to fill it up with cleaning solution and shake it vigorously. Make sure to rinse it out before using it again.


Buying a downstem can be a fun and exciting experience. They can be custom designed to fit a certain bong. But before you buy a downstem, which you can learn more about here: (, you should know what you need and how to measure for one.

Downstems are an important part of any water pipe. They are designed to filter smoke and purify it before it is drenched in bong water. Downstems can be removable, fixed, or even as part of the bowl itself.

The size of the downstem will determine how much percolation you get, which will impact your draw. Downstems are commonly made from glass or ground glass. The most durable glass is borosilicate glass. This type of glass is heat-resistant, easy to clean, and safe to use.

Slider bowl

Depending on the material and style of bong you are looking for, there are several types of bong bowls to choose from. Some of these include glass, ceramic, silicone and titanium. They are available in many different colors and designs.

The standard bong slide is made of glass, though a metal slider may also be an option. The best bong slides are made of borosilicate glass, which is durable and resistant to heat. Some sliders also have an integrated screen at the bowl, allowing for better filtration.

The most common types of bong bowls are 14mm and 18mm. The 14mm bowl fits in smaller pipes while the 18mm bowl is meant for larger glass pieces. The size of the chamber can also be determined by the type of glass blowing effect that is used to make the bowl.


Regardless of whether you prefer a dry pipe or a bong, you will need a carburetor to clear the smoke from your chamber. The carburetor also allows you to control the rate at which smoke burns in the bowl. You can also use it to clear the smoke from your entire chamber.

A carb is a small hole in the pipe, usually placed at the bottom of a bowl. It is intended to enhance the quality of the output. This hole is usually covered with a cap to trap the residual heat of a burning substance.

A carb is often built into a piece of glass and is usually used on glass bongs. The most common type of carb on a glass bong is the pull-carb. The carb also regulates the temperature of the bowl.



Basically, an article from High Times says that a Mouthpiece for a bong is a piece of apparatus that is used to elongate and cover the mouthpiece of the bong. The size of the mouthpiece is a measure of the bong’s capability. There are several types of mouthpieces, including the standard, the tall, the koffing and the Mini.

Each type is designed to perform the main feat. The standard, for example, is the most common. It is made of plastic and has a diameter of 38mm. The tall mouthpiece is a good option if you want to elongate the glass.

The mini mouthpiece is a small version of the standard. It’s designed to help keep the ashes from escaping. It’s also designed to reduce coughing. It’s also available in a variety of colors, which means it’s good for both beginners and connoisseurs. It’s a great addition to your collection.

The standard mouthpiece is also a good choice. It’s designed to be easy to clean and maintain. It’s also a good size for balancing a decal art design. It’s also designed to provide an optimal smoking experience.

A prism-style 5mm borosilicate glass mouthpiece is a good choice for busy smokers. It’s less than 12″ tall, and comes with an ice pinch. It’s also designed to fit all bong rigs. It’s also one of the best bongs for the money. It comes with a lanyard.

An essential bong filter would be the mouthpiece as it is a great option for people who want cleaner smoke. It’s made of platinum cured silicone, has a replaceable carbon filter disc, and is a great way to keep your bong clean and have a good-tasting hit, one after another.

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