Can Opening a TikTok Page Help Your Business Grow?

If you run a business of any kind or type, then in 2022, you simply must have a social media presence. If by now you haven’t worked this out, then it’s likely you have felt it unnecessary due to your specific work niche, but you’d be wrong.

Most of our lives are spent on social media, and the amount of money invested in the top networks when it comes to exposure, advertising, and customer interaction is huge and growing rapidly.

Each social media network is an entirely different beast with different advantages from a business point of view and, perhaps most importantly, entirely different demographics and intent when it comes to the users that inhibit each platform.

Different Social Media Channels Mean Different Approaches

If you are considering opening social media channels for your company, then you should be focusing on the top five players in the field. These are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Each of these operates in a different space and have varying success rates when it comes to promotional activities you might choose to run on them. Some are notoriously difficult in terms of conversion (in other words, securing a sale from a prospective user), such as Twitter.

TikTok is leaning towards the better end of the spectrum, and here are a few more helpful tips in terms of opening a channel on the platform.

The Benefits of TikTok

When it comes to social media channels that have retained an ever-expanding audience and one that responds well to promotional material, TikTok is certainly one of the best to consider for your business needs.

The platform’s direct nature and the speediness of content consumption from its users are ideal for businesses wanting to catch the attention of a young market that has disposable income to invest and spend.

So open a business account and see how the network can benefit you.

Instant Visual Appeal

TikTok is a solely visual platform, and there is a need not to waste any time. Whatever it is you are selling, be that goods or services (or even just an idea), you’ll need to put together a visual representation of what you offer, and you need to be able to produce videos that stand out from the crowd.

Short, Sharp, and Sellable

The videos you post on TikTok will, of course, be brief (which is good because this should help to keep costs down), and you’ll have to pair them with TikTok music, as there is a certain style to the sounds that accompany visuals on the platform.

The fact that TikTok videos are so short, they can be as long as 10 minutes after recent changes on the platform, but on the whole, they are around 30 seconds. Indeed the apparent optimal length for their users ranges between 21 and 34 seconds.

This presents opportunities and challenges. It means you have to get to the point, but it also means you can produce a variety of videos and test them for relative effectiveness.

Get a Professional

If your company doesn’t have a social media team, do not attempt to run your own campaigns unless you feel you genuinely have the knowledge to do so. Social media platforms can be an unforgiving place.

If you don’t know what you are doing, if your content is sub-standard or not appropriate, or you are trying to just ‘wing it,’ you will be found out, and it will not end well. Bring in a professional who can help you build your account from the bottom up.

This might start with some simple videos that set the scene and are relevant to your company’s core values and services. Once you have a decent following, you can then look to stretch out and invest in higher-quality campaigns.

It’s All About the Planning

Often businesses open social media accounts just because they feel they have to. Far too often, the goals and objectives set in relation to them can be unrealistic. Frequently businesses, just like individuals, will start off confidently and then give up when their content doesn’t get enough traction.

You need to build a content calendar and plan in advance how often you will post. Your posts can be about new products, introducing your team, interacting with clients’ concerns and comments, and a whole lot more.

Have realistic expectations and plan well.

Team Up With Other TikTok Creators

You may find it useful to pair up with existing TikTok creators to help give you traction in return for merchandise or goods. Choose these well and be aware that the results of these may differ. I.e., the posting of your videos with creators could lead to a spike in followers or even sales, but they might not.

Examine the Analytics

Always measure the success, or otherwise, of your posts. Make the analytics panel your friend and learn from your mistakes and the things you do well. That way, you will be better prepared next time you post.

This is particularly important for your paid ad campaigns as well as your more organic posts.

These are just a handful of insights in terms of how TikTok can be used to benefit your business both in terms of exposure and in terms of cold hard cash from sales.


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