How to Cancel NatureBox [GUIDE]

Life definitely gets easier when you have a free trial from NatureBox. With this trial, you get food orders fulfilled by NatureBox and at any point in time, you feel you have tried enough, you can cancel NatureBox subscription. After all, how long can a person eat the same kinds?


What is NatureBox?

The popularity of the concept of NatureBox is definitely growing. It is apt for the people who have a hectic lifestyle or are busy at work and have no time to cook something healthy for themselves. NatureBox promises of offering the best from the Nature to your doorstep. You may have the urge of trying something new or home made after a while.

NatureBox comes with a few advantages like getting healthy dishes including complete meal plans, low fat food, low sugar food and snacks of your desire. It is not free of course! You will have to pay $19.99 a month of at the same price get, five varieties of snack bags.

Initially, the quality wasn’t as great as it has gotten now. One can choose from options like lean meat, nuts, dry fruits, fruits, whole grains foods etc.

Steps to Cancel NatureBox Subscription

If you have been feeling that you can save on the amount that you have been constantly paying for NatureBox subscription, you can cancel it following the steps below.

Do you think it is easy to cancel the subscription? It is not as it sounds. Your monthly membership fee that is $5 is non-refundable which means even if you cancel your subscription, you won’t get that back. Lucky are those who have a monthly subscription with NatureBox. Unlike the monthly subscription, if someone has opted for quarterly or annual, in order to cancel the subscription with NatureBox, the person has to convert those quarterly or annual subscriptions into monthly.

The subscription can be cancelled or paused for a while through a chat app. Here’s how you can pause the subscription.

  1. You need to log into your NatureBox Account. You will see your name as you log in
  2. Hovering over your account name, click on “Manage Subscription”
  3. You will see “Pause Membership”. Click on that

The best part about this pause is that you can halt the subscription till the time you are not available to receive the order at home.

You know how to pause now. Let us move on to cancelling the order.

  1. The first step is the same. You need to log into your account
  2. Once you have logged into, you will see a tab that says “Need Help? Click Here to Chat” right at the bottom
  3. Click on that and inform the executive that you would like to cancel the subscription

Well, before you take the steps of cancelling the subscription, make sure that you have at least five days for your next order.

There you go! Your subscription will be cancelled without any hassle.

Is NatureBox Worth your Money? 

Before we quote whether NatureBox is value for money or not, we need to know what we are paying. First of all, $5 as a membership fee and then $19.99 or anything above that depending on the subscription you have opted for.

Let us face the truth that no matter how good quality food you get delivered at your doorstep, nothing can compensate with the quality that we get from the home made foods. However, convenience is something that we can’t ignore. While you are busy and have no time to manage your food, NatureBox does it for you. What do you have to say on that? May be you are not paying for the food quality but the convenience you have been enjoying.

We can also point at the freshness of the fruits and vegetables used. When you get them directly from the market, you may get a better quality of each of them. Again, the convenience factor comes into the picture.


The world has become digital in nature and more and more people are seen ordering food and enjoying their lifestyle. This is owing to the fact that the lifestyle is becoming poor and stressful. I hope you were able to cancel Naturebox and my guide was useful.

NatureBox has helped many people lead a healthier and fuller life without which they could have gone hungry for days as it is not money but the lack of time that came in their way. There is no harm in buying foods from subscription like NatureBox when you are left with choice between busy life and hunger. It definitely has made lives easier and convenient for many.

It is value for money if you consider the timely delivery and the convenience of getting to eat when you are hungry. It works like a mother serving her child.

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