How to Cancel Twitch Prime [GUIDE]

Twitch Prime is a great subscription as it’s the leading social video service and community for gamers. People can watch or stream great video streams of professional gamers and even interact with them about anything and everything.

Starting from games, esports, major conventions taking place around the world to anime, wrestling and many more things, one can watch anything he/she likes, right from their home on the computer screen. Becoming a member is easy but this guide will be all about how to cancel Twitch Prime.

If someone wants to get rid and stop using Twitch Prime for some reason, then you are in luck as I will be showing you the easiest way to do so in a step by step way. Let’s start with a brief introduction and learn the process to cancel Twitch Prime.


What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a premium option in Twitch where you can enjoy the extra features like access to selected games and in-game content, ad-free viewing experience, a unique badge, chat customisations, emoticons and more.

With 15M daily active users and over 2.2M+ unique monthly content creators, Twitch is a very popular social network to connect with highly skilled and entertaining people and also helps to make a lot of video game purchase decisions.

You can get access to Twitch Prime by becoming a Amazon Prime member in US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom or a Prime Video member in over 200 other countries and territories.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime [STEPS]

Now there are 3 ways in which you can cancel Twitch Prime account or the free trial. Basically, the Amazon Prime free trial also includes Twitch Prime for 30-days. After that period of time, if you want to get rid of the Prime benefits, then you need to either unlink your accounts or cancel Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscriptions. Below are the step by step methods to do so.

1. Unlink Twitch & Amazon Accounts

In order to unlink your Twitch and accounts, you need to:

  • Go to Your Account
  • Click Manage Twitch Account Settings under Settings
  • Click Unlink Account next to the Twitch account you’d like to disconnect

2. Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

  • Click on End Membership
  • Confirm once and you are done!

3. Cancel Prime Video Subscription

  • On the next screen/new tab, click on “End Membership” and you are done!

If you wish to learn how to link your Twitch and Amazon accounts, you can visit this link for further information.


So those were the 3 different methods which you can follow in order to cancel your Twitch Prime subscription. I hope the instruction were pretty clear since there isn’t anything complex to implement.

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