Decarboxylation After Extraction – All You Need to Know

Decarboxylation is the most crucial and essential step in extracting cannabis solutions of high-grade quality. This is what veterans will tell you. Although the quality of the biomass is essential. Also, the rigor of the extraction is essential. The warmth of the distillation is as well crucial.

However, in the whole cannabis purification process, the only chemistry occurs in the process of decarboxylation. All this takes place in the decarboxylation reactor. To better elaborate let’s quickly understand what decarboxylation is.


What is Decarboxylation?

The most renowned cannabinoids in the cannabis plant are CBD (cannabidiol), and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, when the plant is unprocessed, they are not present in their wanted form. In the unprocessed plant, both of these cannabinoids are in the form of CBDA or THCA.

Decarboxylation, or decarbing as it is sometimes called, is introduced so that heat can be used on the plant cannabinoids. What then happens is that the acid cannabinoid’s chemical structure will turn to the non-acidic form of CBD and THC.

So, basically by decarbing the cannabis plant, you produce a high-grade end product. This is either pure CBD, pure THC, or a mix of both. Only when decarboxylation occurs can consumers enjoy THC or CBD. The process ensures that the beneficial effects consumers get from the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant remain intact. This page has more on how to grow your cannabis the right way.

Why is Decarbing Important?

The above discussion should provide hints on why this process is essential. Still, let me reiterate for those who didn’t grasp enough. Without decarboxylating your CBD or marijuana, it wouldn’t have the same effect that it is known for. But why is that so? The answer to this is quite obvious. You do not need inactive substances while consuming CBD or THC products.

And, decarbing allows the inactive substance in CBD and THC to be activated. And, only when those substances are activated, can you get the full benefits from both compounds. CBD and THC when consumed, interact with the body system known as the endocannabinoid system (ESC). This system helps to maintain the general performance of the body. And, when Cannabis is introduced, it heightens the performance of the ESC.

In essence, to ensure that CBD or THC can provide the ESC with the best performance, decarboxylation has to commence. When CBD and THC are heated up after extraction they become activated. So, as soon as they locate the ESC, they provide consumers with the benefit they desire. Simply put, without decarboxylation after extraction, your CBD products will be nothing but mere oils, balms, and pills.

What Temperature Does Decarboxylation take Place?

As already noted, THCA and CBDA are Phyto-cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. However, they remain like so until decarboxylation is introduced to activate the cannabinoids into CBD and THC respectively. Only so can consumers can get the benefit from it. The temperature that allows this feat to happen is approximately 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This is after both cannabinoids are exposed for about 30-40 minutes.

Although this is the approximated time, still more time can be required for full decarboxylation. Lots of people choose to decarb their cannabis plant at somewhat lower temperatures. They do this for a much longer period, exceeding 40 minutes. The aim here is to preserve the terpenes in cannabis. When the temperature is too high on the other hand, it causes some valued terpenoids to evaporate leaving the cannabis with undesired stench and flavors.

The reason why the recommended temperature for decarboxylation is 200 degrees F, is that it maintains the integrity of cannabinoids and terpenoids in the cannabis plant. Did you know you can decarboxylate your cannabis at home? Well, to effectively do this, you have to provide the right materials. The first material you need is an oven set. Make sure the degree is set to 200-230 degrees F. This would mostly depend on your oven model, and the location you are in. you also have to provide a few parchment papers as well as a baking tray.

Now you have the necessary materials set, you start with grinding your cannabis. Do so until the product can be spread nicely over the parchment paper. Once you have them spread thinly on the paper, you then place them on the baking sheet. Once this is done, you leave the cannabis to bake. Let it bake for 30-45 minutes. You can also leave it for longer, depending on how you prefer it. This link has more on how to choose the right cannabis seeds.


Decarboxylation after extraction is essential as it ensures that quality CBD and THC are acquired. The process is carried out at the right temperature to ensure that CBD, as well as terpenoids, are derived in the best quality for consumer delight.

The best CBD providers ensure to get their products from the best farms. These farms ensure to derive their cannabis product using superior techniques. These techniques ensure that toxins and harmful residues are eliminated during extraction. So, research your provider carefully to enjoy your cannabis.

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