How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix [GUIDE]

Either you are using Netflix on your computer or your smartphone, whenever you start watching any show or movie and don’t finish, it gets added to the “Continue Watching” list. Now there might be times when you accidentally clicked on any show or watched something nasty and don’t want your friends to know about. Sometimes the list gets too crowded that you are not able to find the show you are looking for and it all piles up.

However it’s not as easy as it seems to remove them, I have finally figured a way to delete Continue Watching on Netflix. In this guide I will share the step by step tutorial on how to do this using your PC and your mobile phone as quickly as possible. Sit back and enjoy the post!


What is Continue Watching on Netflix?

This is one of the really helpful feature in Netflix which maintains a list of all the TV shows and Movies which you left watching mid-way through. When you wish to watch them again, all you need to do is go to your home screen, find “Continue Watching” title and click on the show you wish to continue watching.

Though there have been multiple occasions when this has failed. Sometimes, I don’t like the movie and that’s the reason I stopped it, still it gets added to the list. Sometimes, I finished watching the movie but stopped it during the last minute and still it adds and so on.

For some newbies, it might be not easy to remove these items and that is why I decided to write this simple guide which you can follow!

 How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix

1. On a Computer

Netflix itself has not given any clear instructions on how to remove these items so these steps will teach you exactly how to do it in the most easy way.

  • Login to your Netflix Account and choose your profile (if you have a multi-subscription plan)
  • Click on the top right corner (on the profile name)
  • Select the option saying “Your Account

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate “My Profile
  • Under that, click on “Viewing Activity

This opens the viewing history of the current profile with a list of all watched TV shows and movies in chronological order starting with the most recent items. The list makes no distinction between videos that you have watched from start to finish, and those that you have not finished watching.

  • Under “My Activity“, all you need to do is click on “X” besides the episode you wish to remove from the Continue Watching queue or list
  • You can also see the option to “Remove series” and clicking on that would remove the whole TV series (all episodes)

2. On a Smartphone (Android/iOS)

  • Open the Netflix app on your respective smartphone
  • Login and/or choose the account for which you want to clear the “Continue Watching” list
  • Tap on Menu (the 3 lines) on the top left corner
  • Now in the same way as we did for PC, go to “My Profile” and click on “Viewing Activity
  • All you need to do is click on the “X” besides any episode/TV show/movie under “My Activity” and you are done!

Final Words

So this was my super quick guide on how to delete Continue Watching on Netflix. I hope you were able to follow each step easily and removed the unnecessary items from your list?

Feel free to budge me if you have any queries regarding the same. Do share the post if you think it could help your friends. Also, I am open to any suggestions you have for the content on what I should post, so comment below or use the Contact form to reach me. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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