What is EarthBound Uncut Cartridge or ROM?

EarthBound is a Japanese RPG which is knows as Mother 2 in Japan. You need to travel the world with your 4 buddies to collect melodies and defeat the evil alien Giygas, en route. It’s the second part of the Mother which is the only game released in English language. It takes place in a fictional land called “Eagleland”. You have probably heard of the different games which are modified and released as ROMs (like this Final Fantasy Mod). EarthBound Uncut is similar to these and today I am gonna tell you what it is.

If your one of those wondering what the heck is the EarthBound Uncut cartridge you found on Amazon or eBay, if it’s an official release or not and why is it available for just 1/4th of the price of the original version, you are reading the right piece. Today, I am gonna talk about the EarthBound uncut version which a lot of people want to know about. So here we go!


What is EarthBound Uncut Rom?

EarthBound Uncut is a modified or hack ROM of the EarthBound or Mother 2 game. When Earthbound was localized, it was altered slightly, like Porky was renamed to Pokey, the Runaway Five were recolored so they won’t look like the Blues Brothers and other minute things here and there.

These affect the game as they were changes from Itoi’s original version. Though they don’t have any impact on the story or fundamentals or how much you enjoy the game overall. Only the top Mother enthusiasts would be able to notice the changes in this ROM. Since this is technically a different version, the sellers sell it at a fraction of the price of the original EarthBound to make money.


EarthBound Anti-Piracy Policy: Should You Buy it?

EarthBound has a crazy and tough copy protection. Let’s say if they succeed in detecting that you are running a ROM, it increases the number of enemies multifold and toughens up the difficulty as well.  Even if you make it to the end of the game somehow, they will make sure the game crashes and all your saved files will be delete after you win.

The gamers can take advantage of this and buy EarthBound uncut and play at a discounted rate with minute changes. Though I personally advise you to buy the original copy and play on your WiiU console. It’s better give your money to the original developers than the bootleggers, right? Well, it’s upto you!

Final Words

As we discussed above, these are obviously not the official cartridges but the bootlegged and reproduced ROMs. EarthBound Uncut is a ROM based on this old hack that a fan developed based on this EarthBound localization comparison.

Well, that’s it from my side. If you guys have any other info regarding the EarthBound uncut, feel free to share by commenting below. If you have played it, share your experience and what all things were different from the original version. Share this post, if you liked it and keep visiting for more updates.

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