Eco-Friendly Toys are Always Relevant

Go to the forest with your baby. This activity leaves unforgettable impressions. Show your curious baby the tree and its cut, pay attention to the texture and patterns of stumps. Let him touch and feel the living power of the tree. Do not be afraid that hands get dirty. It is important for the child to feel, perhaps for the first time in life. This experience will be reflected in its development and attitude.

Eco-Friendly Toys

After the child saw everything with his own eyes, give him unpainted wooden toys and tell that it was made of that same tree in the forest. So he will feel the real value of the toy because it is made of what he touched in the forest! You won’t show plastic in this way. Everything begins to interest the child more when he sees reality, the source. Noticed a rainbow in the sky after rain? Buy him the same one Grimms made of wood, painted with bright colors, steady, heavy, meaningful. The site is always happy to make new friends who are looking for something natural for their kids. You will find everything here!

The Real Toys

Any small child himself will not see the value of things and organic wooden toys, you need to show and explain it. Put his first paintings in wooden frames. You can even decorate unpainted elements together.

For boys, there are many options for eco-friendly toys on that will be loved. The brio wooden road will stand well on the floor, it has tangible weight, which is important for the boy. Any wooden car will survive any crash invented by a child. It will fall from a high mountain, that is, from a bed, and remain intact. Children play like this, it is their interest and desire to try everything and understand what will happen. A rounded railway and a fabulous Thomas train are not comparable to plastic.

Restless kids will appreciate the rocking horse made of durable and flexible wood. This is an opportunity to release energy, have fun. After this you can sit behind building blocks, either color or unpainted for the development of imagination.

Every child is fascinated to look at a large playhouse, which for you adults seems like a small box. And for them, it’s an amazing huge world, as a prototype of real life for role-playing frames. Do you know the magic of a cube? This set can become the tower! In the head of a child, this is a real tower on which he can plant the princess and save her climbing to the top.

Not only Wendy dolls are important for girls, but they also need to occupy their friendly company with some kind of activity in the house. Cook food in a wooden kitchen, collect in a single dish voluminous and pleasant to the touch fruits and vegetables from wood. Children feel the quality of the toy, do not doubt it. Plastic cannot be compared with solid eco-wood from Such playsets never lie idle on the shelves.

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