Facebook Down On 11th October 2017: Funniest Twitter Reactions

Facebook is down at the moment for thousands of users across the world. I myself was wondering what the heck happened but when I couldn’t load the page for like 5 minutes, i realised that it’s not my internet connection, not my browser but it’s Facebook itself that’s responsible for this havoc.


I cleared out my browser cookies and tried logging in again when I got the message saying “Facebook is down for required maintenance right now….“. You can check the below image for the full message. So I dragged my a** to Twitter and was happy to know that I am not the only one. There are thousands of twitter reactions which are kinda funny and humorous, so I thought why not share them with you all to just take a break from Facebook and enjoy the reality?


Facebook Down: Funniest Twitter Reactions

It’s been over an hour now and the hashtag #FacebookDown is trending #1 on Twitter with hundreds of tweets per minute being posted by people from all around the world.

James here posted a really funny GIF since he like other thousands of users have no clue, what they would do if there was a NO FACEBOOK era, right?

Don’t panic, Be Like Zuck!

Even the Internet and Digital Marketers are having a rough time since they promised their clients and with Facebook down, they can’t fulfil it!

Here’s a dating meme on Facebook Down. Damn, I am loving this!

Here’s an Indian point of view on this chaos!

While there are also some Twitter chaps who don’t want people from Facebook to just come and pollute the environment..

Is this true? Well, no for me at least. I want it BACK ONLINE!

A moment of self realisation amidst the tornado of funny comments. We can all agree how true this tweet is!

Don’t worry guys, the most senior Facebook engineer is trying his best to get it back on track.

People from Facebook trying to befriend people on Twitter…?

Update: Facebook is Back Up in India

So it seems that it’s finally up in India. I can see a lot of people tweeting about it and I myself am able to access it as well. I will still update this article with some new tweets that will make out laugh out loud. Comment below to report if Facebook is working at your end!


This marks a special event in the history of Internet because it’s not daily that a website like Facebook goes down. What are your views on this? Were you in a middle of an important conversation? Are you unable to complete an Ad campaign for a client?

I will be constantly updating this post with the most wittiest Twitter reactions. If it’s up at your side, do comment below to let us know so that the other users can be notified as well. Let us know if you shared a nice and funny tweet since Facebook is down. Hope you enjoy this post, cheers!

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