Features You Must seek in a Top-Quality Retractable Extension Cord Reel

If you work with power tools in your garage, you will probably require a retractable extension cord reel. It will keep your working area neatly organized. After all, everyone had one of those days when a task was interrupted because an extension cord got all tangled up or people kept tripping over it.

A good quality retractable cord reel offers you safety and ease. You can easily mount it out of the way in a central location on your wall or ceiling to keep your garage orderly. With the right retractable extension, you work at optimal efficiency.

To ensure that you buy the right retractable extension reel, make sure that the one you choose has the following features.

Durability and Safety

The extension reel should be tested for the toughest situations and must be durable for your optimal performance. It is good to have a circuit breaker switch and 3 prongs grounded plug for extra safety.

If your extension has the safety features like a built-in circuit breaker, LED-lit plugs to warn once power is on, and yellow cord color for better visibility, tasks will become easier to perform. No matter if you use it indoors or outdoors, you will experience the best outcomes. After all, the device must be qualitative and should be built to endure absolutely anything.

If you want the device to work effectively for heavy work, you must pay attention to gauges. For example, most of the extension cords are standardized by gauges. The lower the gauge is (12, 14, 16, etc.), the heavier duty will be the device. In case you think that your extension cord is going to get run over by casters and heavy equipment, you should go for the lower gauge.

Also, choose the extension fitted with a heavy-duty power cord that suits it for commercial, industrial, and general work operations.

Extension Cord Should Have Mounted Bracket

The retractable extension cord reel you pick should include a mounting bracket so that you can easily attach it to your garage wall, ceiling, or anywhere else. Moreover, if it has reinforced blades, that will protect its points from bending or breaking. Moreover, the bracket you get with the extension device should be easy for you to mount and remove.

Water and Flame-Resistant

You will find many fancy and featured extension cord reels but make sure that the one you choose is both water-resistant and flame-retardant. Moreover, it should have a vinyl covering because it will guard the cable against direct sunlight and abrasion.

It will be an additional perk if the extension cord reel is resistant to alkaline, acids, water, UV, and flame retardant for your prolonged use.

Does the Extension Have a Stopper?

The extension device you pick should have a stopper that you can easily adjust and move into any position you need. This feature will ensure that you get a high level of flexibility and use it for different tasks. If the device has an adjustable stopper feature, you can always maintain the cord at the perfect length.

What Is the Size of the Cord?

The length of the cord reel is always a consideration when you buy the device. The retractable extension cord reel should offer you a longer cord to plug in easily. For example, you can choose a device that has a length of 50 feet, which enables you for improved flexibility.

It will add a better level of flexibility and make sure that you can fit the device wherever you need. You can also pick a device that comes with a 45FT retractable cord along with a 4.5 feet lead-in cord for better work.

The Capability to Reset the Circuit Breaker

One of the main features of a quality extension reel is that it should enable you to reset the circuit breaker. Ultimately, it means even if you pull the cord out quite far and it no longer retracts, all you require to do is flick the switch.

In this way, your extension device will begin to work again immediately. It ensures you that if you pull out the cord somewhat far, it does not lead you to buy a new device.

To sum up, if you want to invest in superior quality and highly durable retractable extension cord reel, make sure that you keep all the features mentioned above in mind.


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