How to Find Groups on Kik [Ultimate Guide]

With the increasing cases of cyberbullying, it is essential to keep your personal information private and secure. When it comes to dating and finding peers to chat and explore your interest, it becomes gruesome to find a platform that provides security and entertainment. Telegraph and Kik are quite popular among the individuals who value their privacy over others.

Kik messenger, also known as KIK keeps your identity anonymous o the internet. It is an open source (free) messenger app for Android and IOS, with approximately 300 Million users as in 2018. The best part of this messenger app is that you don’t need to use your mobile phone number to register or chat. You just need to enter your name, email, date of birth and username to start your adventures on Kik. You can find people who share same interests or age group to start a conversation on kik.


What is a Kik Group?

Since all the users on kik chat anonymously, kik has a feature to create a group and chat with like-minded individuals anonymously.

These community group can be accessed by the code provided by the creator or the members only.

Around 40% of kik users are teenagers. It is a community full of new ideas, fashion, peers and lots of trading stuff. It is scary to think about a place where minors have such majority of share in the community. It is important to be careful while sharing your information on kik, especially if you are under 18.

These days children and teenagers are more intelligent and tech-savvy as compared to the previous generation. This intelligence makes them impervious to the threats posed by the vile community of predators. They don’t have much exposure to the outside world.


If you are minor, below 18 and using kik, please be cautious before you join these groups and share any information online.

How to Find Groups on Kik using Hashtags

Finding a group on kik is slightly technical. The groups on kik are not visible or viewable as other community messengers. It is virtually impossible to see groups on KIK due to its development and interface. Users should have a group code to find and join the groups, or a series of hashtags is used to find groups on KIK messenger. There are some not so conventional ways to see the group on KIK that we will discuss later.

The newest update of the app has made it easier to find groups on KIK.

1. To start with just tap on “New Message” on your app and select public group.

2. Comply (Press “Got it“) with the PG-13 disclaimer and move forward to search the public chat room of your choice.

3. Once you see the public chat room, you can use the # to search the group of your liking and interest.


However, the tragedy of KI groups doesn’t end here. No, I am not being sarcastic. Due to its security concerns, KIK allows only 50 members to chat in a group. No more than 50 members can chat simultaneously in any of the groups.

Once, the group has reached 50 members; it can not add new members until someone leaves the group.

To leave any group, one has to press leave the group icon manually. Until then, you remain the member.

How to Find Groups on Kik (From Outside Sources)

Man is a creature of habit. And it is in our practice to find ways and solve problems. Since it is quite challenging to find and join a community (group) on kik, people have come out with creative ideas to find and join these groups.

People usually share a link or code to join these groups on Facebook and Reddit. The best source (according to many websites) is r/KikGroups on Reddit. Yes, many sites publish and advertise group links, but they are neither safe nor trustworthy. On Reddit, you can find feedback and members count of the group.

Once, you see a slot or opening in a group you can join the group and chat with people. These chats will remain in your inbox until you leave the group. It is important to find groups that are active and long-lasting. Many times the groups are dissolved after the kik community baned the creator for malpractices.

On Reddit, you can find more about the group and discussion. It is always better to test the waters before you dive. Most of the subreddits are named promptly, while some have a thick sense of humour (ex: #beardslovesass MUST HAVE A BEARD to join guys and girls just bring your pretty selves.. 21+ Kik group verify with admin when you join..)

In addition to that, you can find group info on Facebook and Tumblr ( too. O Tumblr search for the tags related to KIK (kik group chat, kik groups, groups on kik etc.) with the keyword of your choice to find the relevant groups and information.

Get creative with your search, and you could find the group and people of your dreams.

How to find Kik Groups using Reddit

1. Go to

2. Search for kik groups

3. Join r/Kikpals/ and r/KikGroups/

4. Find relevant Groups

5. Connect with like minded individuals and have fun!

How to find Kik Groups using Facebook

1. Go to

2. Search for “kik groups

3. Shortlist the most active groups

4. Request to join these groups

5. Find peers

6. Enjoy

How to find Kik Groups using Tumblr

1. Go to

2. Search for kik groups, kik usernames, kik friends

3. Find tags related to kik

4. Click and join groups

Kik is a fun way to chat with people from all around the world. Try out these ways to find interesting and interactive groups o KIK.

Final Words

Give a man a mask, and he’ll speak the truth. The statement says all about kik. Kik is effective. It has a kick to it, I’ll admit. People can be themselves while chatting with a like-minded stranger.

But with every blessing there comes a catch and with all the temptation to meet these people (complete strangers), it looks terrifying. Anyone could pose to be like you. Especially the criminal minds.

It is an excellent place to have fun and flings, however, use your smarty pants before you make anything permanent. Avoid going to the meetups or parties organised by strangers, until you are familiar with the place, people and surroundings.

I would personally avoid any recruiting on kik, and there are groups that ask for resumes and personal information, please don’t share that. Kik is meant to be an anonymous valley of pleasure, keep it that way. Don’t share your personal information and be safe.

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