Find the Right Painting Estimate Software for Your Painting Business

You may be selling paints or a contractor that has a passion for transforming various spaces and homes. If so, you may specifically love filling out the needed forms for a contract, doing the bookkeeping job, or calculating the estimate and prices. However, businesses are complex, and you are required to fine-tune your tasks, so you won’t have tasks that you need to tackle after hours.

If you’re the girl or guy doing everything, you may want to get help. This can be possible with technology like the one you can check on this link and see more about its benefits. Managing eight people is more challenging than two, and as you scale and grow, you’ll find that the older systems are no longer sustainable. You may constantly be rushing on deadlines and trying to put out complaints.

With the right tool that does the job, you’ll become more innovative and more efficient. This is one way of making the business easier. You can get additional two employees who can help you with the jobs. As your company continues to evolve, there’s labor-saving software that will keep your life balanced and let you focus more on the work on the site. The first step is to know which tasks you want to delegate to make the operations running smoothly.


Get an Edge Over your Competitors with Painting Software

Small-scale paint contractors are proud of the years that they have worked in the industry. Some may think that they still know about the price and estimates they give to customers. However, it’s better to have software that can do accurate analysis on the job scope and the house measurements.

Overall, your clients see that you are professional, and they will think that the price is more reasonable when there’s an in-depth checking of the area that’s needed to be covered. Some painters who have been estimating lots of residential homes for over two decades may be able to do an “eyeball” of the estimates.

They may accurately estimate how many gallons of paint it would take to finish the job and the hours of labor that are going to be involved. However, the measurements and written notes should be very detailed.

You can take photos nowadays using your smartphone, and the more your customers see that you’re involved with the job, the more they will trust you. With the sales rates, you’ll have a better chance of improvement than if you do everything on your own.

Once you’ve gathered the info that you need, utilize the help of software to do calculations on software. This can be done within minutes. Some programs cater exclusively to small businesses, so you can weigh the costs and only get the features you need.

Use your laptop or tablet for the estimate, and while you’re doing this, you can entertain the customers or show them the previous work that you’ve done while you’re in the process of planning their homes. Read more about estimates on this page.

To find the right programs applicable to you, it’s essential to research them on websites and look for those with features for painters. Ask for recommendations, read reviews, and check whether it applies to your business. You can also chat with the representatives and get a demonstration to be sure that they are something you need.

Effortless Bookkeeping

Accountants are vital, and they are the first hires in a company. Bookkeeping is an essential part of the business, and if you want to focus more on the work you do, you can get online solutions that will act as a bookkeeper for you.

Accounting software and programs are available online where you can keep track of your financial data, expenses, assets, and bank balances. You can also invoice your customers from them and view reports at the end of the fiscal year.

Some of these programs have integrated functionality where painters are likely going to find helpful. Scheduling, working on sheets and tracking the hours of individual jobs for each contractor. Nowadays, GPS can be used to manage their location, and job clocks can help them work as efficiently as possible. All of these are available on the apps on your phone, and the levels of efficiency can astound you.

Painting CRMs

Reputation is everything, and one of the marketing tools you can use is customer relations management or CRMs. These are the best for feedback, checking previous transactions, processing payments, sending paperwork, and all the other tasks that are often handled by a back-office team.

Some of the programs that exclusively cater to the painters’ needs include appropriate handling of CRM emails, tracking leads, generating potential customers, sending invoices, booking appointments, and follow-ups. All of these engage the clients and help them become more satisfied with the service. Even if you have hundreds of them, you can take note of the little details and ensure to deliver something that can highly exceed their expectations.

Project Management Software

The programs involved with project management can connect the disparate tasks into a single interface. All of these are done within cloud-based applications that can cater to full visibility of everything and everyone regardless of whether you’re in an office or on-site.

You may have a large operation where you need a more detailed solution. If this is the case, you can look at the ones that are popular with paint contractors. Some offerings are focused on you being able to land more projects, send many proposals, and focus on the current offerings in the market.

One of the goals of the program is to make your business run efficiently, so all your efforts and time are going to go to the jobs that you really love. Each job is different, and this is the same thing with houses. With systems, you can be efficient, and you won’t feel overwhelmed at all. You can revise the project as needed, and the software is going to work well for you. If you have free trials, know that you can always try them out before buying.


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