Five fun things you can do with your iPhone 12

On October 13, Apple announces impressive technical additions that come with each iPhone 12lineup. The iPhone 12 models feature some of the biggest changes and significant updates that push the innovation barrier.

The iPhone 12 mini proves that size does not matter and is the smallest iPhone model announced. Apart from that, there are reasons why iPhone 12 is the best-selling smartphone, and today, we will know five fun and different things that you can do with your one.

Make movies like the movie with Dolby’s vision

HDR recording functionality is available from LG, Sony, Samsung, to Apple. But Dolby’s vision support is only available in Apple iPhone 12. It’s the only camera that can do this. With your Apple iPhone 12, you can shoot Cinematic video content with Dolby Vision, edit and share it in HDR.

It is a tremendous technical addition for filmmakers. There is already a handful of incredible short movies such as footage captured with the drone and shot with the iPhone Dolby vision camera depicting France’s current social distance condition.

Take Stunning Night Mode Time-Lapse

Timelapses are beautiful, but Apple iPhone 12 takes a step further by enabling night mode time-lapse function.

The video night mode function of the iPhone 12 lineup is hard to beat, and the time-lapse night mode function brings an unparalleled camera experience.

While with the Dolby vision, you can shoot a true-to-life selfie, the night mode time-lapse takes it to the new level.

Attach Magnetic Accessories

Apple iPhone 12 lineup is equipped with MagSafe, which allows connecting to magnetic accessories and pulling 15 watts of power from the charger.

That means you have to bring the power chords closer to your iPhone to charge. It is a new paradigm to wireless charging, and there’s no doubt about that.

The magnetic feature makes it easier to mount the iPhone seamlessly with metallic mounts or dash. What makes this feature so useful is that you don’t have to worry if the charger is aligned to your iPhone.

Take Your Phone 6 Meters underwater and shoot underwater

Currently, all the iPhone 12 lineup is waterproof of up to 6 meters underwater. That means you can take your iPhone 20 feet underwater.

Until the iPhone 12, the most waterproof phone was the iPhone 11 Pro, which can withstand 4 meters underwater for 30 minutes. But the iPhone 12 model takes the plunge in being the most waterproof smartphone of the decade.

Do the Deep Water Test

The iPhone 12 lineup boasts of the most water-resistant smartphone. During the official product launch, Apple took much pride in the ceramic shield technology that makes the iPhone 12 highly water and dust resistant.

Scuba divers are looking forward to getting water test on the smartphone. If you are bored and thinking about – “should I sell my iPhone,” then do the deep-water test before you part.

You can test how waterproof your iPhone 12 is, give your 6-feet certification and reveal the test to others.


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