How Can Trusted Reliable HVAC Experts Assist with Home Heating and Cooling

One of the largest purchases in the home appliance category is a central heat/AC unit, or HVAC. It also is one of the most important, because the comfort in your home relies on how well your unit runs. It keeps your family from sweating through the hot summer months, or shivering in the winter months, and comfortable the remainder of the year.

An HVAC unit is not cheap, either. With costs in the thousands, it’s very important to take care of the unit just as you would any of the appliances inside of your home. However, because the unit is located outdoors most of the time, it’s easy for people to forget about taking care of it. In an effort to assist with this, many companies offer warranty services and preventative maintenance plans that can be purchased at the time of buying the unit. Some companies even offer maintenance plans after the sale, depending on the age and condition of your AC unit.

The best methods to safeguard this essential and pricey component of your house are to purchase a warranty and maintain an active service agreement for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. These plans often include biennial inspections, filter changes, and other preventative maintenance services intended to help you get the most life out of your AC unit. Even if these are the only services that your HVAC unit ever requires, in most cases, they are worth the money that you’ll spend on the agreement, simply for the inspections and filter changes alone.


Explaining HVAC Service Contracts

It’s crucial to know what’s included in HVAC system warranties while doing research and buying.

Time frame of Coverage of the Original Warranty

Try to choose the longest warranty period feasible and make sure you’re protected. A warranty’s term refers to the time period for which it is valid. As HVAC systems are intended to endure for at least 20 years, it is crucial for manufacturers to provide a guarantee that covers more than just a couple of years. With the high expense of HVAC maintenance, look for warranties that last as long as feasible. Keep in mind that some warranties only cover labor expenses during the first year, or that even lifetime guarantees may not cover labor expenses.

Components of HVAC Systems and Their Warranties

Certain HVAC components, like the air conditioner’s compressor or the furnace’s heat exchanger (, may have longer or shorter warranties than others, as may the system’s parts and labor. For example, an HVAC evaporator could come with a 20-year guarantee whereas other components would only be covered for 10 years.

The warranty conditions may also be affected by the estimated lifespan of the HVAC system. Ask your contractor whether the manufacturer or the firm they work with will charge you a fee to handle your warranty. Even though the guarantee covers the replacement components, some firms charge this price for warranty documentation.

The HVAC System Extended Warranty

Both manufacturers and retailers provide optional five- to ten-year parts and labor coverage extensions known as extended warranties. If a sales representative is excessively eager to offer you this guarantee, it may indicate the equipment’s quality. Learn all you can regarding the manufacturer’s guarantee, including the following:

  • When can I have access to warranty service?
  • How long an expert will take to fix the HVAC system, especially during peak seasons.
  • The number of years that the firm providing the service has been around.

Avoiding the Loss of Your Warranty Coverage

The whole guarantee might be rendered worthless by a single mistake that the homeowner makes in regards to the care of the unit. Just like a vehicle warranty, you can void an equipment guarantee by not following the directions in the paperwork. Such instances are:

  • Forgetting to register your HVAC system and warranty with the manufacturer within the given time frame, or failing to hire a qualified registered contractor to install or maintain the unit, are both void warranties.
  • The use of aftermarket parts that have not been authorized for use in your HVAC the neglect to schedule regular maintenance with a certified mechanic

Assurance of Proper Setup Guarantee

Even if your contractor guarantees their installation work with a 100% money-back guarantee, you must address any concerns that arise. Contractors such as Total Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling will stand behind any manufacturer warranty they sell.

For instance, the HVAC company you choose should stand behind their work 100 percent as per the conditions of the service agreement. The contractor will give additional coverage in the event that an HVAC unit is damaged during installation or develops issues later on as a direct consequence of anything that occurred during installation, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

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