How to Choose The Best Affiliate Program For You

As a website operator, there are many different affiliate programs that are available for use in monetizing one’s site. With the advent of affiliate networks, the options can almost seem never-ending with regards to affiliate models. However, there are several different types of affiliate systems that you should know about, and we’re going to cover how they can help you and when they should be used. To gain more knowledge about affiliate management from scratch, you can visit

Best Affiliate Program


Cost Per Actions Model (CPA)

The first and foremost model of affiliate marketing about which people should be aware of is the CPA system. This is the shorthand version of the Clicks Per Action, which occurs when your website is advertising for another website or service. Every time a customer clicks on that link or subscribes to their service, the client website receives payment. The advertisements can range in their content a great deal, but they can be tailored for a specific customer base. Although payment is not always contingent on customer sales conversions, that does tend to be the most lucrative model. This form of affiliate model works best when brokered by a professional affiliate network like, and you can always ask them for more information.

Pay Per Click Systems

The Pay Per Click model of affiliate program is different from the aforementioned CPA model because it is only concerned with people landing on a certain website. Any time that a person comes to your website, they will see an advertisement that was placed there by your affiliate network. When the consumer clicks on that advertisement, they are taken to a new page. That simple act is what gets the original website paid. The benefit of this model is that you get money just for the act of connecting the affiliate site and yours through a click, but you make less than if you got the customer to convert their sales like a CPA model.


The AdSense system is one that is less intuitive than either of the aforementioned affiliate programs. Most people work through the Google AdSense in the modern day, so we’ll use that affiliate program to gain understanding. When you register and qualify for Google AdSense, you get the chance to place an advertisement bar on your site. This bar will show similar products to the ones that are on your website. This can be helpful because customers will remember your site as being the one stop shop for all their products. However, it can be annoying because you might accidentally send a customer away from your product if you are selling something tangible.

File Sharing Sites

The final form of an affiliate site is mostly used for recipes, lesson plans and other artistic works like games and movies. For example, people will upload their project or completed item to a website, effectively selling a license to sell their product. They will be paid a certain percentage of the amount of money that is generated for every sale. The site itself sells a download license to their customers that allow them to pick and choose what they download. This can be helpful if you have a product that people buy in bulk but isn’t worthy of its own site, but you don’t make as much money as you would through an individual sale.

There are many different affiliate programs that you can utilize to make money on the side of your regular business. You can effectively leverage your customer base to enjoy a lot more income than before, but only if you use the right affiliate model. For most people, the CPA affiliate model will be the best one to utilize. Make sure you partner with a good affiliate network like the one mentioned above, and you will surely be in business.

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