How to choose the underground drilling equipment?

Underground drilling is one of the most carried out activities within the professional industries. Industries like coal and diamond mining rely heavily on such equipment in order to carry out their operations. This is why they consult companies like underground drilling Sunshine Coast to get their work done in professional manner

How to choose the underground drilling equipment?
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However, choosing the right equipment still remains a challenge for many. Fortunately, this can be made easier in many ways. Here are some of the factors that must be taken into account whenever purchasing the best underground drilling equipment:


Varying objectives

Each person or a company has a different objective when drilling underground. This may have a considerable impact on the equipment being purchased. Underground drilling is all about precision and focus on the production and speed. It is imperative for companies not to slow down during the process. The extraction activity must be carried out at a fast pace. Give this objective, it is important to consider equipment that offers the best rate of penetration. Equipment that has good rotation speed and can provide best rate must be considered over others. This is why the varying objectives matter a lot.

The nature of ground

Nature of the medium that needs to be drilled must be one of the important factors to be taken into account. There are many mines that have been under operation for many years. Several holes might have already been drilled in the ground. The team will then know what to be expected out of it. This is where drillers can focus their choices on certain options. Since the nature of the ground is known, more specific selections can be made. On the other hand, if you are not aware of the ground, then a wide variety of equipment will have to be considered.

Depth of bore holes

The holes are not as deep as perceived most of the time in underground drilling. This may result into drillers to select the conventional drilling methods. Sometimes conventional drilling methods can be a better choice if there are shallow holes. However, wireline drilling methods may be more preferable when it comes to deeper holes. The choice of your equipment must be based on the depth of bore holes in order to keep things more effective.

Direction of bore holes

The direction of bore holes in underground drilling can either be up, down or angled. A different matrix must be chosen for different directions. The direction of bore holes will have a significant impact on your selection.


The power of drilling equipment is the final factor to take into account. Each equipment operates on a different power and this will have an impact on your operation. If the drilling requires less space, then a lower powered drill rig would work. If you want a good rate of penetration that keep the work more precise and accurate, then the chances are you will need equipment that requires more power.

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