How to Create Brand Logos – 4 Best Online Services

Creating a logo would be like determining an identity for a certain company or any type of business. There are several options for creating a logo. 


Option 1. You can hire a professional logo maker to create a logo for you. However, they usually charge a fee. For startups or small business owners who have a tight budget, it may be much expensive.

Option 2. Using professional software such as Photoshop and Gimp to draw a logo on your own. Different people have a different type of calligraphy so that everyone can give a unique touch to the logo. Unfortunately, not everyone can just sit and draw a logo and not everyone is able to express their ideas through drawings. In a word, to draw your own logo in custom t shirts design, you need to spend time learning and getting the job done.

Option 3: Alternatively, you can create a logo with some online logo services available on the market. Using the online creators, you take care of the logo creation directly, and the time spent is very low (under 10 minutes). With the help of these services, you can get both free and paid logos. Prices are low and affordable – in the $ 5 to $ 50 range. As a result, you get a decent and good logo. Now let’s take a look at some of these services:


This online logo maker can be your source of inspiration for the logo design. By offering more than 5,000 professionally designed logo templates, you will definitely find a logo that is right for you and customize to make it your own.

If you want to start from scratch, you can create a logo on the blank page by combining your favourite icons, choosing different fonts, shapes, and using a palette of colors. Super easy and fast!


On this logo-creating site, you will find a wide range of tools to develop your logo design. It’s an excellent tool for creating online logos with five easy steps:

1. Click on Designhill Logo Maker button on the official site;
2. Enter the name of your website or company and it will generate dozens of logos and branding concepts for you automatically;

3. Choose the logo you like and edit it to meet your needs;
5. Save to your computer.


On the LogoGarden website, You can choose from an extensive collection of icons as well as different fonts and additional effects to create your logo. Once you’ve finished a logo, you can use it to create different advertising materials, such as placing it on your website or social media profile, printing it on your business card, company stationery, or t-shirt. With LogoGarden, you can create everything by yourself. It is not necessary to hire a designer.

Free Logo Services

Much like Logaster, Free Logo Services does not require too much work, making it much easier and saving time to promote your business — all at a reasonable price.

In four steps, you can make logo design and if you like it, you only need to pay $39.95 to get the files.

1. Enter your logo text;

2. Choose from 1,000s of free logos by industry;

3. Customize your logo by changing colours, text, font, and layouts;

4. Save your logo files;


It is recommended to create a logo for the simple fact of giving more credibility to your business, making it more professional and elegant. I hope this article has helped you to find out which tools are best for creating a beautiful logo for your brand.

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