How to do effective keyword research (for SEO)

Successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mostly relies on implementing effective keywords into your website’s copy in order for it to register successfully on search engines. SEO is integral to developing a positive reputation for your site online, so we have developed this guide to help you find out what the best keywords are in order to get your website an excellent online ranking. If you have the budget it may be easiest to hire an SEO company like SEO Manchester to do keyword research for you.




Put in the time to research and gather a comprehensive understanding of not only your own website but also the other businesses or blogs that may appear in the same searches like yours. Research not only your competition but also discuss with your colleagues and existing customers what keywords they use when searching online for a similar result. 

In order to hone your choice of keywords and find out what selection will prove the most effective, you need to get as involved as possible in your niche’s online community. So, for example, if you are running an online pet store, make sure that you research and find out what exactly your customer base is searching for when they look up pet food or grooming tips. 

Create A List and Use It

Once your preliminary research has been done, you need to set up a list of keywords that you are going to use throughout your site. These keywords have to be absolutely relevant to your website or business and need to be what your target demographic are going to use to search with. 

Once you have this list developed, it is now time to use these throughout your site in the most natural way possible. If you are working alongside a copywriter, then make sure they are always informed of whatever keywords you need them to include in any text. It is vital that you ensure that all keywords are inserted in a way that still maintains a flow in any writing, whether that be in terms of blog posts or headers. 

Research Tools 

Make sure that you always keep up to date on the latest trends for keywords on the internet. There are various programs and websites that are free to use that will show you the interest that certain keywords have. For instance, you will be able to view the analytics for ‘pet shop’ or ‘dog food’ and see how many times this was searched and inquired about online. Google even offers its own analytics tool so you can view the volume of traffic that words have garnered online. 

Keep on Top of Competition 

Creating a website and using keywords is only the beginning, make sure that you keep on top of the competition in the marketplace and what other similar sites are doing. It is imperative that you continue to monitor trends and general online activity in order to keep your website as engaging and up-to-date as possible. Users want websites to appear relevant and consistently updated, this will go far in ensuring your site maintains a positive reputation with search engines as well. 

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