How to Get Adobe Softwares for Free & Legally – 10 Free Adobe Softwares



Looking for free Adobe softwares and don’t want to pay $9,99 each month? Don’t become upset, there is a legal way to download 10 Adobe softwares FREE.
Recently Adobe company has released a few free applications trying to attract mobile device users. Moreover, they uploaded the whole Creative Suite 2 package absolutely free for everyone. View more about how to get different free Adobe softwares without a month subscription.


  • Adobe CS2
  • Photoshop Mix
  • Photoshop Fix
  • Photoshop Express
  • Lightroom CC Mobile
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Illustrator Draw
  • Adobe Spark Suite
  • Adobe Color

1. Adobe CS2

The first way to get Adobe for free is to download Adobe CS2. In free CS2 package, designers will be primarily interested in a graphic editor for working with Photoshop raster graphics. This program doesn’t need an introduction – Photoshop even as “old” as a CS2 version is a very powerful program today. I can say the same about other programs included in the Creative Suite.

Taking into consideration the fact that CS2 version was considered hopelessly outdated in 2013, Adobe decided that it would be easier to make the whole package free than spend valuable resources on finding the cause of the technical failure. Anyhow, now anyone can download free Photoshop. Read more about how to Download Free Adobe Softwares legally.

2. Photoshop Mix

The next way to get Adobe for free is to download Photoshop Mix. This program offers a lot of interesting functions for photo editing: applying filters, cropping, working with effects and colors, cutting out elements, etc.
To work in Photoshop Mix, you need to have a login on the Adobe ID network. Those who don’t have one will need to get it.
The developers of this program focused on simplifying work with graphics for mobile device users. Using Photoshop Mix, you can quickly edit pictures taken on the smartphone camera, control transparency, change blending modes, apply filters on any selected layer.

3. Photoshop Fix

For a long time, users could only dream about a mobile application with functions of the desktop version of Photoshop. Adobe developers redefined the possibilities of image editing and retouching on mobile devices and created a product which will be suitable for both ordinary users and professionals. This is a great variant of free Adobe software.
One of the advantages of Photoshop Fix is a possibility to create multi-layer files in a PSD format which you can edit in the desktop version of Photoshop later. It’s very easy to understand the structure of the application: when you first start it, Photoshop Fix will offer you to get familiar with lessons on using functions of this mobile image editor.

4. Photoshop Express

For mobile photo editors and Insta bloggers, it’s not enough to apply filters to a picture, it has to be at least a simplified version of the desktop program. It should be able to perform image cropping for ideal proportions, work on color balance and enhance some areas.

One more option to get Adobe for free is Adobe Photoshop Express. It is a great application for fast, easy photo editing. It’s better than the majority of competitors. This program is well-designed, unproblematic and free. All this cannot but satisfy. Also, it supports RAW files and works with layers through Photoshop Mix.

5. Lightroom CC Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is also a great free Adobe software. It is a nice tool for editing pictures on the go and is also quite helpful for culling. This is an ideal option for beginners who want to edit some images from holidays or other photos shot on their smartphones or iPads.

However, if you are a professional, it will not be suitable for you. Its interface is not convenient. It takes long to open different categories to carry out some adjustments. Also, the organization of settings isn’t intuitive, which makes it difficult to find what you need.
In addition, you can’t easily carry out batch editing and it makes this app not helpful when you need to edit a whole wedding or event. If you work with portrait, headshot and landscape photos, it can be useful for you. But it is unlikely to function at the same level as Lightroom Classic.

6. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe has developed a free application for video editing for iOS and Android which is called Premiere Clip. As you could expect from an application for mobiles and tablets, its design is very simple.

Adobe Premiere Clip is free, which is a huge plus. Another advantage is that you can connect to your Creative Cloud account and synchronize your project with different devices. This application has serious restrictions.
Although you may try it for yourself to see if these restrictions will prevent you from proper work or you will need a more powerful photo editing application.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

The next recommendation on how to get Adobe for free is to download Adobe Premiere Rush CC. It’s a more simplified version of Premiere Pro created for video bloggers and mobile filming enthusiasts. According to Adobe, a creative person doesn’t necessarily have to become an expert in video editing to achieve nice videos. If you need to edit videos every day, Premiere Rush will be especially suitable for you.

The application offers tools for cutting out and merging video fragments, color correction and settings for other parameters. You can quickly upload the finished videos to YouTube.

8. Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw for iOS is a powerful application that allows you to create high-quality vector images and illustrations, edit what you did on the computer before or transfer sketches to it through the cloud storage.

The application provides quite many tools using which you can create sketches, your own unique fonts, etc. It’s convenient to zoom them in, edit and adjust to the right area. Another plus is that Illustrator Draw integrates with all Adobe services.
Basically, this is an application that allows vector graphics specialists to work all the time and everywhere as long as they have a tablet with them.

9. Adobe Spark Suite

Another tip on how to get Adobe for free is to install Adobe Spark Suite. It is aimed at quick creating and designing videos, web pages and graphic notes. The set includes three applications: Post, Page and Video.

Using Post, users can create beautiful pictures for social media. Filters and texts will help you make them attractive. Page is designed for quick web pages’ creation. This service will be appreciated primarily by those users who don’t know much about HTML/CSS.
Using Video, you can create small videos or presentations. Unfortunately, only Apple device owners can use mobile functions of Spark.

10. Adobe Color

The theory of color is quite difficult to understand. Beginners often make blunders when selecting color schemes as they don’t know what the primary and secondary colors are, how triads are made, which shades are well combined and which ones aren’t. Specifically for these users, Adobe has created an application called Color.

To choose the right colors, you can load any image and the program will show all the primary shades. Also, you can just select a necessary color and Adobe Color will find secondary shades. In addition, it’s possible to create a color triad or get a monochrome color scheme.

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