How To Hire The Best Private Investigators?

Do you require to hire a private investigator to track down a long lost love or missing relative? Do you need the best private investigator to conduct surveillance on your cheating spouse? A good investigator or private detective Sydney can help with these services and more. 

All private detectives in Sydney are not the same. Doing some due diligence prior to hiring decisions can pay off in the long run. It is important to check resumes, call references, visit company websites, and verify licensing credentials before entering into any agreement or contract. Below are given some suggestions to guide your decision. 

Verify Licensing Credentials –  Most States need investigators to be fully licensed. Check with the licensing agency to verify an investigative license. You can ask for a physical copy of their license. Verify that the license was issued by the appropriate state agency, check the expiration date, and then verify the name.

Check with the state’s private investigator associations to verify the memberships they claim, get feedback and recommendations. Associations and Professional Agencies may be a great resource to check out reputations. 

Check For Insurance – Find out whether the private investigator is properly insured. During the course of work, investigators may become injured or damage someone else’s property. You can then be indirectly liable for damages. Check that they have the appropriate type of insurance for the work you are requesting.

Check References – You can call and speak directly with the references personally to get information on that investigator’s performance, ethical standards, reputation, ease of doing business, results achieved or outcome of the case, etc.

Ask For A Resume Or Dossier – Ask the individual you are about to hire, to provide a resume or personal dossier. Evaluate the work history for relevant experience for your personal situation. Search for applicable experience in the military, government organizations, law enforcement, Crime Scene specialist, etc. Check for relevant education like criminology, a degree in criminal justice, and forensic science. Also, check for special training and continuing education credentials.

Discuss And Agree Upon Pricing And Fees – It is important for you to clearly understand the cost to hire a private investigator. Before hiring a private investigator, agree upon pricing upfront. Discuss requirements for retainer fees, early fees, expense reimbursement, etc. If you know someone who has earlier hired a detective in the past, ask them what fair price would be. Discuss and agree upon the services you want the private eye to provide, and agree upon the results you expect. If there is a clear understanding between the parties it is easier to gauge performance and increase the likelihood that both will be satisfied with the results. Having a signed contract is always better.

Visit Their Website And Social Media Accounts – Check out the investigator’s social media presence. This is a step that many people skip, but one that would give some of the best insight into character of the investigator or agency.

Check Their Website – Check out their website before making a phone call. Use the private investigator directory to find links to the website. If the website does not exist or the link is dead, it is possible that they are out of business.

Visit Their Social Media Profiles- Browse to their post to see what type of things they are talking about or commenting on. Do they seem to be an expert in their field? Are they engaging in online arguments using profanity, etc?


Before you hire a private investigator, try to meet them, at their place of business, office, etc. Many investigators don’t have any official office and do not need one to get results. But if they do visit their office so that you gain comfort in their legitimacy and the quality of their business operation.

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