How to Hire the Best Wedding Hair Artist and Bridal Makeup Artist

How very exciting! You are getting married and it has to be a smooth affair. No one wants a mess at their weddings, most especially the bride. After all, it is your big day and perfection is all you hope for and must be achieved.

Your look that day has to be one that will have your guests dabbing at their eyes as you make your way to your partner. How hard can all these possibly be?

Quite frankly, preparing for a wedding can be very tasking. Furthermore, one of the most difficult parts is getting that makeup and wedding hair makeup artist that would have you looking your best. However, if you consider the right tips, you will be so glad at the outcome. Below are our top 7 tips that will help you in this great search.


7 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Bridal Makeup and Hair Artist

The following are the most basic tips you need to consider before you hire a hair and makeup artist for your wedding.

1. Make Research

All it takes for most people to bear the “makeup artist” tag is some makeup and a few brushes. The majority of the time, no formal training is needed. What are we trying to say? There are a lot of scams out there.

It is even a lot easier to get a reliable hairstylist than to get a reliable makeup artist as hairstylists need formal training and license to practice. Check out this article on the requirements to become a hairstylist. This lack of means to distinguish a reliable makeup artist from a fake one is quite scary.

This is why you must make a lot of research before you hire your bridal makeup artist. How do you make the research? Easy, check everything you can find out about them. Check their customer’s feedback on Facebook, Instagram, and all their social media platforms. Also, check how long they have been working as a makeup artist and their portfolio.

Ensure that you are very deliberate with your research.

2. Think Twice About that Free Offer

Now, everyone is happy for you and trying to contribute one way or the other to your big day. So, it is no surprise that your friends or family have made offers to make you up for free. And as tempting as this may be, this may spell doom at the end of the day.

“But they do their makeup themselves and it always comes out nice”, well we are sure they do, but this your big day. And no matter how good they do their makeup, they aren’t professionals that do it almost daily. So think twice and by twice we mean multiple times before you accept that free offer

3. Choose an Artist Whose Style is Similar to Yours

Makeup and hair artists usually have signature styles. Some would always go big and bold, while others prefer to tone it down. Click for bold makeup ideas. If you are someone that prefers being minimal then you do not want to go for an artist that is all about glam, big, and bold.

We are quite sure you do not want to look different and unrecognizable to your spouse. Your partner loves you for you, so you do not want to alter your style too much.

The best way to know the style of the artist is to go through their portfolio. Look at their previous works and decide if their style is one that you are comfortable with.

4. Choose an Artist that You Are Comfortable With

This may seem like going overboard because it is just for a day, so you do not need to like the artist. But believe us when we say you need to like them. Why? You may be stressed from the whole preparation and your nerves may get stretched.

Who would you prefer now; someone who can adapt to the room and make you relaxed. Or someone whose personality will drag your stretched out nerves. Your makeup and hair preparation is what sets the day’s entire tone. Therefore, you need a stylist whose tone matches your desired tone for the day.

5. Consider Their Sanitation and Hygiene Practices

Coronavirus has made us even more conscious of hygiene practices as it regards personal services. With the virus’s mode of transmission, everyone has to be even more careful.

And, the virus is not the only reason you need to consider this, because, you can also get several infections from unhygienic makeup practices. Read this article to find out more about how infections spread through unhygienic makeup practices. So, you must make the artist understand your need for proper hygiene.

Some bad hygiene practices include blowing on or not cleaning brushes, double-dipping, using hands and fingers as palettes, reusing disposable items, and so on.

6. Do Not Use the Price as the Basis for Booking Your Artist

Purchasing a service is way different than buying an item. When you shop for an item, chances are you may get the same product for a cheaper price if you search well enough. However, with services, you get just what you pay for.

Comparing service providers according to the prices they offer alone is a no-no because the result will be different. The money charged for the service is usually hinged on several things like the stylist’s experience, the demand of that service, service type, etc.

While more expensive may not always mean better, do not let wanting the cheapest service to ruin your big day.

7. Check the Products that will be used

You need to ask the stylist the kind and brand of products that will be used. Ensure the brands are professional and they have varieties. You do not want a stylist that uses just one brand because while the brand may suit a lot of people, it won’t suit everyone.

Drug store products should also be a no because they may begin to smudge since the day may be a long one. Visit here to find out whether drugstore makeup is bad for the skin. You may also consider if the products are eco-friendly and cruelty-free if this is an important factor for you.


Getting the best makeup and hair artist for your wedding is important for your big day. The tips in this article will guide you as you make your choice.

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