How to Know What Is the Best VR Headset

A reality often keeps you firmly on the ground and makes your desires remain mere dreams. But what if someone wants more than the present moment? They simply project reality differently from the present. Modern technologies allow them to do so with the help of virtual reality.

You can find the definition of VR here. Its simple explanation is that it’s actually a computer-generated reality, with all the sensory sensations that a person experiences in the real world. That can stimulate the brain to new feelings and activities or even evokes some old experiences.

The use of this technology is growing and evolving unstoppably. It’s hard to identify all the areas where it can be included – from the movie industry to medicine and even the military. The thing is, VR has been applied more and more. So it’s about time to embrace and enjoy this technology. And for that, you need a quality VR headset.


Helmet Types

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best VR headset that is suitable for your needs. First, it should be easy to handle and connect with a particular device (PC, game console, etc.). Also, you can choose one that offers the best resolution and image quality. And you want a VR helmet that allows adjusting the pitch and bass, which is crucial if you have trouble hearing.

Some helmets are standalone, while others connect to a PC or console, which are great if you’re into gaming. You can even buy a VR helmet that only needs a smartphone to work. So it acts as a projector. Each of these products has its properties and uses.

Wireless helmets are great if you don’t want to bother with cables. So if you appreciate mobility, these are the best deal for you. But they have limitations related to battery life and are not suited to room-scale VR. Also, they lack most features of tethered headsets.

Tethered VR helmets connect to your PC or gaming console, which must meet certain standards. So they provide an immersive and dynamic experience due to excellent graphic, motion, and sound elements. Smartphone headsets are budget-friendly, but they usually have the poorest features.

Technical Consideration

The first spec to consider is the field of view (FOV). It’s a key feature that gives a person an idea of how immersed they will be in the experience. Most VR headsets have a FOV between 100 and 120 degrees, which is much less than the 220 degrees human eyes have.

A higher degree means that you can see more, and they better reproduce human vision. Having a higher resolution screen will give you an immersive background, but choose a headset model with high FOV for real experience.

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The resolution of these gadgets is another essential factor. It should be high for the best possible experience. Also, it should be able to replicate both audio and video of real-life situations. This feature must be paired with a high refresh rate. It shows how fast your headset reproduces VR content (frames per second). This parameter should be above 90 FPS. Otherwise, it could lead to motion sickness.

Additional Features

While VR headsets have multiple functions, you must also consider some extra features they could have. For example, some headsets have glasses-friendly cutouts, which some people find extremely useful. Also, check whether they come with built-in speakers, headphones, or even microphones.

Know Your Budget

VR products are available in a wide range of features and prices. Many products have evolved since the appearance of the very first headset. Their prices have continued to fall since then. But you still must know your budget before the purchase.

Depending on how much money you plan to shell out, you should always look for #1 virtual reality headset, with the best value for money. There are several popular brands, but more and more companies are entering the VR market. Make sure you research all options before deciding on a particular product.

When buying VR headsets, you should know what they have to offer and their limitations. Also, your wishes must meet your budget, so take your time to shop around and find the headset with the best quality-value ratio.

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