Hoxx VPN APK- Get Hoxx VPN and Proxy to your mobile

If you want to unlock the full Internet for sure, you need a VPN. There are over 78 popular VPN services available on the Internet. And the Hoxx VPN is also a top-rated service among internet users. The service is available for both mobile devices and personal computers. So, if you are interested in installing the Hoxx VPN on your android device, you can download the APK version from our website. But before downloading, there are still things you need to know.

What is Hoxx VPN?

Hoxx is a popular virtual private network and proxy service provider which has servers in over 30 countries. It allows you to visit any blocked sites. But, not all of us want to visit blocked websites. So, why do you need to download Hoxx VPN APK to install their service on your phone? Let’s see

The Internet is not a secure place, as you believe. There are plenty of hackers and spammers trying to steal your data. So, if you connect with public wifi service, you are in a risk of losing your data. But, if you use the Hoxx VPN service on your phone, it acts as a proxy service, and it can encrypt the data you send through the Internet and also the data you receive.

Hoxx is downloaded over a hundred thousand times on the app store and rated at 4.3 stars by its users. And the company demands they have over 100 fast servers in 30 different countries.

How to download Hoxx VPN APK

You can either directly download the HoxxVpn service for your android phone using the app store. But, sometimes, the Hoxx VPN app may not be available for your device in the app store. Don’t worry, and we have it for you. Just click on the download button, and your download will start automatically.

After then activate the option “Allow third-party installations” on the settings of your phone. Now you can go back to the downloads and open the Hoxx VPN APK.

Or else you can download Hoxx VPN from the app store by following this link.

What do you need to install the Hoxx VPN app version?

First of all, Hoxx VPN is a free service. They have a paid version. But, still, the free version is excellent. It requires an android phone with an Android OS version 5.00 or a greater one. The download size is below five megabytes, and it only takes a minute to install.


Some countries there are restrictions on using some websites. We call it Geo-restriction. Geo-restriction is a method used by government agencies to block some sites in their country. But, for the rest of the world websites, the website is still alive and usable. For example, if we take facebook.com, Facebook is blocked in some countries like China. But, again, some people use Facebook in china using a VPN or virtual private network service.

The VPN app can access the site from somewhere else. Like, let’s think you are in China, and you want to visit Facebook. So, what you can do is activate a virtual private network app on your phone.

VPN service providers have servers in different parts of the world. Hoxx VPN has servers in 30 different countries. So, you can request whatever country you like. So, when you ask to visit Facebook.com, the website load in a server computer of the VPN service. Your government can’t stop you from visiting Facebook now. Just download the apk version of the Hoxx VPN and enjoy it.

Usually, when you request to visit a website, your request directly passes through the internet service provider. But, when the VPN service is turn on, all the applications go through the VPN server, and your internet service provider can’t track it now.

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