Is 500GB Enough for PS4 Console? : Things You Need to Consider

Planning to buy a PS4 console for yourself or for your kid? Or have you already got one and have some questions popping in your mind about the storage space? I’m sure you already have a list of games which you would want to play on it, am I right? Does that list include Overwatch, GTA V, FIFA 17, Assassins Creed 4? Because there are my favourites and I can play them all day long.

It is important that you choose the right PS4 version (500GB or 1TB) so that you are able to enjoy all the games you want without any issues. The question that you must be asking yourself right now will be “Is 500GB enough for PS4 console?“. Now there are some factors which you need to take in account if you haven’t already bought PS4 console to help you in deciding which version to go for. I will be giving you a detailed analysis as well as share my personal experience, hope that helps you out solve this dilemma.

is 500gb enough for ps4 console


Questions to Ask Yourself about PS4 Gaming

  1. How many games you plan to install and play on your PS4 and not delete?
  2. What is the average size of each game you will play?
  3. How fast is your Internet connection? Will you be able to re-install old games quickly when you wish to play them again?
  4. Do you like to have enough choices while playing or you like to finish a single game and then try another?
  5. Are you committed enough to plan and download games before hand?
  6. Do you like to download games or buy physical copies of the game?
  7. How many bucks are you willing to spend? (Yes, this does matter!)

PS4 500GB vs 1TB

Now if we compare the 500GB & 1TB PS4 versions, there are some things which you need to be aware of and how that could affect your decision. Let’s discuss these things which will give a better answer to the question “is 500gb enough for PS4 or not?

Number of Games Installed

A 500GB version will be able to handle around 6-8 games since almost all PS4 games are about 45GB-50GB in size. If you are going to play a lot of games, you will more likely need the 1TB version. The PS4 will copy the game content to your HDD whether you download them or not.

You can always delete the game data to free some more space but a 1TB version will be ideal if you love to play a lot of games regularly. Here is a list of 460+ PS4  games with their size, it will help you to do your research.

Power Consumption & Noise

There was an update in the PS4 hardware with the all new CUH-1200 hardware and it’s only available in the 500GB trim. According to Techradar, this is the only update you want to do and not the storage upgrade.

The 500GB CUH-1200 series offers as much as a 36% power saving. And you will be startled to know that this is when you are running it in Rest Mode. When running at full force, the new hardware draws 25% less power. That’s a lot of power saving and it also makes the PS4 more quieter and cooler.


It is important to consider the price when we compare anything. There is a $100 price difference between 500GB & 1 TB PS4 models. It might be more or less depending on how much you are willing to spend, so here it is.

Which PS4 Model Should You Choose & Why?

Now that we have discussed the things which need to be considered while buying the PS4 console, let’s have a look at the options available to you. In the next section I will be sharing my personal opinion as well.

PS4 1TB Model

If you like your games to be in place and love to have choices right on your screen, you should probably go with the 1TB version to avoid any disappointments. It goes without saying that you are comfortable with the price here.

You can be rest assured to install around 20 games and not have any problems related to memory. DLC’s, screenshots, game patches and saved games won’t give you any headaches as well.

PS4 500GB Model

If you wish to spend less, have a fast working Internet connection and do not have problems in re-installing games when you wish to play them, the 500GB version will not hurt at all. Plus how can you forget the power benefits of the CUH-1200 hardware?

This version also works fine if you are comfortable in buying physical copies of PS4 games and not download all the games digitally as it fills up the space very quickly.

My Personal Recommendation: Budget Friendly

It’s time for gold! Well, if you are unsure like I was whether you would need more space or you would be okay with 500GB and if you are on a budget as well but you don’t want to compromise on your gaming experience as well, then this advice will certainly help you make a decision.

BUY AN EXTERNAL HDD! Yes, this is the way to go and it works incredibly well. All you need to do is buy a PS4 2TB or 4TB external hard drive (which costs around $50-$100) and this will give you even more space than a 1TB model. Isn’t that amazing?

Once you get it, you can transfer games to the HDD, easily handles all the huge games updates/patches and let’s you have around 40+ games to choose from while you hop onto your couch to enjoy some PS4 gaming.

This option is super budget friendly plus it’s very worthy as well. I can’t recommend you enough to go this route if you are planning to buy a new PS4 and are unsure about how much space you would need in order to have the best PS4 experience.


That’s about it! It basically comes down to how enthusiastic you are about gaming. Are you a super hardcore gamer or just a normal person who likes to free his mind by playing games for a while? I tried to cover everything you should consider before choosing between the PS4 500GB & 1TB model. I hope this guide helps you to make a wise decision.

Is 500GB enough for PS4 console? The answer actually lies in your mind, you just need to give thought to certain questions which I asked you above. Let me know if you have any other questions by commenting below. I would also love to hear what do you think is a good option to go with. Thanks for reading, cheers!

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